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The University of Guelph has offered design assistance to Seedrioru through their Landscape Architecture Outreach Centre this winter. Their goal is to stimulate creative and innovative approaches to solving design problems. Recently there has been an increased energy to bring Seedrioru into the future through this thoughtful and engaging process presenting a great opportunity. Preparations for the upcoming Seedrioru 60th Anniversary on June 27th are in full swing and the insights will be very timely!
Dean Bernasch is a fourth year Landscape Architecture student who has started a challenging 13 week project to finish off his education. We are more than happy to provide him with our design issues, visioning ideas, pictures, cultural history, topographical maps and a field tour so that he has a comprehensive package to develop his insights.
We look forward to his results in April. Join us at Suvihari 60 to learn more and future directions for Seedrioru!

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