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A fantastic New Year’s Eve Party!
Eestlased Kanadas 20 Nov 2009 A.K.E.N.Eesti Elu
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„Venetian Night at Estonian House“, Thursday December 31, 2009, 7 p.m.

You haven’t made plans for New Year’s Eve yet? Well, now’s the time! You’ve never been to Venice? Well, here’s your chance! You don’t have an exotic Venetian mask? Well, not to worry! A mask is being provided by the organizing committee to every reveller present on New Year’s Eve!
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This is no ordinary party at Estonian House! This is the one and only party in town - Venetian night at Estonian House! The main and centre halls of Esto House will be so incredibly transformed that you will truly feel that you are in Venice! And the exhibit in the gallery hall? Well, some things have to remain a surprise! A delightful surprise, of course!

So come and enjoy the food, the drink and the dancing to the tunes of „Quick Step Dance Band“! Come and enjoy the company, the Venetian atmospehere and the entertainment! Venetian style Estonain singsong? Of course! Venetian style Estonian humour? Of course! And shop ’til you drop Venetian style silent auction? Yes! So come and ring in the year 2010 with a bang! Not with a medim bang but with a really big bang!

Something for everyone at Venetian Night 2009, a fundraiser for Estonian House. Come for your own enjoyment and at the same time come to support Eesti Maja! Both worthwhile causes!

Venetian Night 2009 at Esto House is being organized by AKEN (Akadeemilised Kanada Eesti Naised), otherwise known as the Estonian Canadian Women`s Alumni Association.

Tickets $150.00 per person - to reserve tickets and/or tables please contact Vaike Rannu 416-490-9669,
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