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A Christmas Gathering Of Liberals with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
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The "season’s party" (not "Christmas Party") was held this year at the Reference Library, instead of Queens Park. It brought out a large group of Liberal members to back the Premier. Two signifigant ministers were Transport Minister Kathleen Wynne and the host, Citizen and Immigration Minister Dr. Erik Hoskins.

Transport Minister Wynne was quizzed about the relationship with the new Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who she openly opposed and the policy differences they might have, with Toronto Mayor Ford supporting subways and Wynne having thrown her tacit support behind streetcars (light rail conveyances). Also, Ford supports the extension of the Sheppard Avenue subway which would run through Ford's (former) ward somewhat scuttling the proposed Eglinton light rail system which runs through Wynne's ward.

"We will need to negotiate very carefully to come across with the proper solution. We have to remember that 45% of the Eglinton system goes underground," said Wynne.

The most signifigant Minister was rookie, Dr. Erik Hoskins who within a year became a minister. Dr. Hoskins (who humbly wears an Order of Canada button), won the bi-election in Don Valley East. He is knoiwn to have previously worked on projects in Africa, presumably a man with significant experience.

McGuinty spoke at length about the good deeds of his government (which now tails the opposition leader Tim Hudak's Progressive Conservatives). McGuinty asked me how I found the Ontario Healthcare system. I told him about the twelve hour wait at emergency (at Toronto East General Hospital). "I guess we will have to do better then," McGuinty replied.

Good conversation with politicians, I'm waiting for Dr. Hoskins to become Minister of Health.
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