“Don’t put your eggs in one basket” Estonian Life (21)
21 Nov 2017  Jaak Järve
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One should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything. A community can only thrive when its members accept and respect the diversity of all of its members. Currently in our Toronto Estonian Community a very alarming and potentially volatile environment has developed. A small number of people belonging to the boards of the Estonian Credit Union, Tartu College, The Estonian Foundation of Canada and the Estonian House have banded together and have designated themselves as the future architects of the Estonian Toronto community. In their “NEW WORLD ORDER” scheme they have decided that the only path to follow is the sale of the Estonian House, (which has been the heart and soul of the Estonian community for over half a century)in favour of a yet- to- be- built new multi-million dollar facility in downtown Toronto, adjacent to the Tartu College (student residence building).



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