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The next West Coast Estonian days, in combination with the celebration of ESTO, will take place in the heart of San Francisco! The festival organizers are welcoming all of you to come participate and enjoy Estonian culture, unforgettable events, and one of the greatest cities in the World.

The four day program consists of new and traditional activities for all ages with accommodation provided by the Grand Hyatt hotel. Come enjoy the theaters, dancers and singers from around the globe, soak in knowledge provided by intellectual conferences targeting multiple interest groups, compete in our volleyball and chess tournaments, participate in our Silicon Valley business conference and networking event, and make sure not to miss out on our red carpet opening ceremony and ball. We will also be gathering every evening in San Francisco's legendary speakeasy bars with old and new friends to celebrate Estonia. Looking forward to seeing you in 2013!

Additional information can be found on our constantly developing webpage:
Join us on Facebook!

See you in San Francisco!

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