Youth mobility agreement between Estonia and Canada enters force
Eestlased Eestis 02 Aug 2010  EWR
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1 August marked the entry into force of a youth mobility agreement between Estonia and Canada, which gives Estonian and Canadian citizens aged 18-35 an opportunity to live and work in each other’s country for a short term (up to 1 year).

Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet says the agreement gives people more opportunities to pursue academic or vocational education, gain work experience and develop a better understanding of the other country’s languages, cultures and society. “The agreement lays a foundation for improving the competitiveness of the two countries’ educational institutions and entrepreneurs,” said Paet.

Under the agreement, young adults age 18-35 will be able to work and pursue in-service studies in the host country on the basis of a previously agreed employment contract. Registered students and enrolled university students will be able to undertake a pre-approved internship or studies in the respective host countries. The agreement also affords the opportunity for the participants to travel in the host country and accept short-term employment.

The agreement sets forth the precise conditions for entering Canada. Estonian participants in the programme must meet the requirements of Canadian immigration acts, substantiate sufficient funds to cover the initial costs in Canada, and have health insurance. For more information on the permits necessary to enter Canada on the basis of the agreement and on the application process and fees payable, please contact the Canadian Embassy’s Tallinn office. Canadian citizens wishing to travel to Estonia can obtain more details from the Estonian Embassy in Ottawa.

The Estonian-language consolidated text of the youth mobility agreement between Estonia and Canada can be found at:

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