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onlooker10 Feb 2018 14:29
Really! "Speak our language" is supposed to be an acceptable comment. How parochial!
Glen Leis06 Feb 2018 08:57
A very thoughtful and logical assessment of the situation. Well said.
Young shareholder08 Feb 2018 05:34
I am not old, but the location at Madison is horrible to me. I don't see Katrina's opinion as logical. It is logical that the EM should be close to both public transit AND highway, so as to be accessible to the greatest number of our community.

If the EM is located at Madison I will never set foot in there since a TTC one way trip for me would be 1.5 hours and car is not good due to no parking.
lugeja08 Feb 2018 06:58
I agree with Young Shareholder. The notion that the Broadview location has "accessibility issues" that would be solved by moving to the Madison location is preposterous.
FEM06 Feb 2018 07:39
It is always refreshing to hear from the “noored”. It is important to get everyone participating and continuing with open dialogue, giving their points of view and encouraging respectful debating of the facts and opinions from all perspectives.
Thank you Katrina
Friends of Estonian House
Is it relevant04 Feb 2018 15:33
That the author of this piece is the daughter of one of the directors of Esto House? As allegations of full-court pressure tactics to get the community behind the Madison (one s!) project are on the swirl, was the author asked to write this piece? Apologies, if these thoughts are genuine, not suggested by someone close. Yet, as Väino noted above, some things such as convenient access ignore reality. EM is easier to get to by car. TC not so much. And the TTC is unreliable and crowded. Not an alternative for TC. As the writer is a millennial, when did you last see notable numbers of them at an Estonian event? Proximity to UofT's campus will not make a difference.
Proximity and Usage04 Feb 2018 02:14
Both Broadview and Spadina are equidistant at 3 subway stops away from Yonge & Bloor. Highway access is just minutes from current EH site. How long does it take to access the DVP from Spadina & Bloor? Also wondering how many Estonian-Canadians are pursuing post-secondary education in the downtown core that would be frequent users of the proposed centre vs. usage of EH today by multi-generations of from within and outside the city? How will the proposed site's location impact usage? Was a community needs and risk assessment completed and what were the results?
Community needs assessment06 Feb 2018 11:19
"How will the proposed site's location impact usage? Was a community needs and risk assessment completed and what were the results?"

I don't believe this was done and should have been done prior to moving forward with the Madison project. If organizers had done this, the only conclusion would have been to not build on Madison.

To come up with a position other than that the community is aging and that a large number of active members will be seniors at the time when the present future building will be built is not sound. The whole country is aging, Estonians in Canada are not immune to this. The number of younger users of the facility will be a smaller number than the older group. Both older and younger Estonians should be part of the plans of the future Estonian House.

The seniors have been excluded. Their voice has not been heard (they need dedicated parking and a less dense area for health reasons and preference in their older age, when they are less agile). They are not requiring this to be difficult, there is a genuine need.

Planners: please look at the facts, don't just go by your gut as to what is a nice building and should bring in top rental dollars based on location. Who are we building this centre for? Estonians? Or general renters, regardless of community affiliation? The later will be the result sooner with the choice of the Madison site.
Väino V. Keelmann03 Feb 2018 22:23
When I first arrived in Toronto many years ago I too used to take the subway to both Eesti Maja and Tartu and they were about the same in terms of accessibility. Tartu has "multiple alternative public transit routes" versus Broadview and Danforth? What? The writer neglects to mention the Don Valley Parkway abutting Eesti Maja for commuter convenience with ample neighbourhood parking versus restricted diminishing parking availability at Tartu/Madison. Just for the record Spadina and Bloor does not count as downtown. Inner city just like Broadview and Danforth. The "new space" at Madison is a house of modest dimensions the same age as Eesti Maja with unsightly glass cladding proposed for the exterior. Not mentioned is that the Eesti Maja would be buying a parking lot at Madison to donate to the City of Toronto as a park. "...speak our language.." Palun kirjutage eesti keeles ka.
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