Eesti Keskuse esimene infokoosolek 31. jaanuar - VIDEOD
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voter05 Feb 2018 08:17
Total nonsense!
Thanks for the videos01 Feb 2018 15:57
The lady who started off the questioning was very rude. She also seemed to be hard of hearing and not too bright.
Young Shareholder02 Feb 2018 10:24
I am really dismayed at the lack of respect for our elders.

Insulting their intelligence (as above), belittling our successful careers (of engineers, architects in many of the EWR comments), and calling elders asking legitimate questions to the board very insulting names at shareholder meetings (I don't even want to say the things that I have overheard in the audience). This is so unacceptable, it does nothing to further your cause.

Our elders paid for and built the Esto House. Their dedication and efforts to build it has been a huge factor in why we have a pretty strong community despite our small numbers. Look at the Finns, so they have anything that comes close to what we have in terms of an active community in a large, accessible centre?

Show proper respect or just stay quiet!!!!
To: Young Shareholder02 Feb 2018 16:01
Thanks! I added my LIKE to your comment. But I also, previously, added my LIKE to the comment you’re replying to. The lady mentioned is Alja Pirosok, who if you watch the second video leads off the questioning and does so belligerently and very rudely. Watch the video.
To: Young Shareholder02 Feb 2018 21:20
Also, I don't ever recall seeing Alja Pirosok at Esto House functions prior to maybe 2 years ago. I think she recently came from Ottawa or has simply not been part of the Esto scene. I am simply amazed at how uncouth her appearance at the podium was. And she is certainly not a youngster.
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To Young Shareholder03 Feb 2018 10:03
Stop making this about young versus old. The comment was about a rude, harassing commenter, not about a broad group of people.
Curious13 Feb 2018 21:44
Interesting that after the "rude" and "not too bright" persons questions, the Madison presentation at the EM shareholders meeting was upgraded to reflect her inquiries.
Fancy that.
to Curious17 Feb 2018 15:24
so much of it is 'staged'
David Hogg01 Feb 2018 08:29
I chose to battle the rush hour traffic and attend the information meeting last night – and I am very glad that I did.

I have been a supporter in principle of the Madison project since the beginning, but I did have some reservations and concerns. However, I put my trust into the very capable team leading this project to do their due diligence to determine if this was the best way forward for the community, and to see if it could be made to work financially.

After the excellent presentation by Alar and David yesterday I can say that nearly all of my concerns have been addressed and I now feel a lot better about the project. They went far deeper into the details than I was expecting. The changes they have incorporated into the footprint and design are fantastic! I am excited to see this project progress and become a reality. I had some questions prepared going into the meeting but didn’t need to ask them as they were addressed in the presentation.

I don’t know what meeting the other poster attended, but the people sitting around me seemed to be quite pleased about the presentation. I spoke with quite a few people after the event and heard positive feedback. Yes, the hall was only maybe 60% full which was surprising, but the people I saw were quite engaged in the presentation. I would encourage everyone to watch the videos.

I was also surprised to see that very few people from the very vocal anti-Madison chose not to attend the meeting. I would have thought they would at least wanted to learn as much about the project as possible and ask questions.

David Hogg – Part of the Silent Majority
Erik Nippak01 Feb 2018 11:03
I think the attendance was sparse due to the meeting of shareholders just a few weeks away. I’ll be there with my support. The naysayers will be out in full force.
lugeja01 Feb 2018 11:49
If yesterdays' rush hour traffic was worth mentioning, just imagine if this meeting had taken place at Tartu College.
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David Hogg01 Feb 2018 13:31
I've driven to Tartu College many times on a weeknight for various events. Its about the same travel time for me as going to Eesti Maja if not slightly less time.

I come in via the 401/427/Gardiner.
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*01 Feb 2018 08:28
How many children are currently in 'Lasteaed"?
It appears that there will be many more in the next few years.
How will the "Eesti Keskus" accommodate them? - or are they not part of the plan?
David Hogg01 Feb 2018 08:32
You must not have been present at yesterdays meeting, but the Madison team is meeting with Lasteaed this Saturday to discuss in depth what their requirements are now, and in the future to make sure that this will all be accommodated for.

They plan to meet with most other community groups as well.
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*01 Feb 2018 10:16
Better late than never ...
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Concerned13 Feb 2018 23:00
Why is it that the murkiness continues?
The Madison developers are promising to meet with "most" organizations using the Esto House.
Why only most? Who doesn't deserve to participate in the new community centre?
Perhaps the new Centre's facilities would allow small groups to flourish, if included and invited to join in.
In the interests of being serious about inclusion, how about also having an open house session, where any interested groups could present their requests, ideas and needs?
David Hogg14 Feb 2018 05:10
The info nights are open sessions where anyone can pose questions or suggestions, Go out to one and use the opportunity, if you are part of a group that wants to be heard this would be a perfect opportunity.
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Wow14 Feb 2018 22:10
Wow... the select get a private audience and the rest have to knock on the gates.
lugeja01 Feb 2018 07:24
"Planeeritav projekti eelarve on $18-23 miljonit"

I still don't understand the logic here:

The Esto House must be sold because we don't have the 1.4 million required for repairs.

We've spent huge sums of money for consultants, perhaps even more than that 1.4 million already?

The sale of the Esto House isn't enough to cover the cost of the Madison project but no problem, we'll find that money but no, we can't find 1.4 million to repair the Esto House.

If the Madison project does indeed make sense and is our best option than surely someone can step in here and explain how I've got it all wrong. I really hope someone can do this because is all sounds like madness to me and I don't think I'm alone in feeling this way.

Looking forward to my fears being alleviated ...
Kinsella03 Feb 2018 14:23
The reality is that the current eesti maja is a dump. A few million dollars of renovations will make it a dump with heating and air conditioning. No big investor wants to invest in mechanical upgrades.

Let's think big. The money will come. And everyone will need to suck it up regarding parking. If you build it, they will come.
Next Mourning01 Feb 2018 07:16
What should have been a joyous moment of communty rebirth, felt more like the moment when a family gathers to learn that the plug was pulled on their sick family member, against their wishes: The Estonian House has been sold according to the presentation given last night.

The half-empty hall and pall of apathy are symptoms of the broken, ego dominated process that has driven our community into a very deep and serious divide.
Observer OBa31 Jan 2018 22:24
I was truly impressed by the presentation. Professional. Thoughtful and intelligent responses by Kalm and Kongats to the attendees' questions. It is unfortunate that more members of our community did not attend. I left thinking about Veiko Parming's introductory remarks. Let's be proud Estonian-Canadians. He talked about what his grandparents had taught to him. I will be there with my cheque book to make my donation, if required, when the time is appropriate.
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