Markus Alliksaar resigns from Toronto Estonian House board - ENG/EST
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An appreciative shareholder24 Jan 2018 22:18
Thank you for your many years of community service. Thank you for your very eloquently written letter and wake-up call to all of us. Your words, "no big decision affecting our cultural home should be made until the Estonian House has been restructured" especially resonated for me. I do believe we need to get rid of the entire Board and voting structure. However, the voting structure is not going to be easily changed, but, we can and should get rid of the Board now! They do not represent the community or the best interests and needs of the Estonian House. The Board is playing only into the hands of the 3 Orgs. And what dirty hands they have been. I am sorry to hear of your departure, I believe you actually did have the best interests of the Estonian House at heart, all the Best!
M. Walsh25 Jan 2018 08:09
First and foremost I want to thank you for all you have done and how you have represented yourself. I am sorry to see you leave your post but things need to be done and be done right if anything is to become of this and I feel very strongly that you will be a major contributor in the future. I will mention now that I will also be one of the people along with another family member who will NOT step into the new building for obvious reasons - no parking and too far. The present Estonian House has, is and will serve the estonian community if people will wake up and realize what is going on. I spent my childhood going to the Estonian House for Eesti Kool, Rahvatants, Recitals, etc. not to mention that my own parents held their wedding reception there back in the 60's as well as other family members have had their receptions, wakes, parties there too. People just do not realize that over the years, attendance at the Estonian House has declined and will continue to do so, and do you really think that a new facility will bring everyone back - NO. The population is declining, people move away and just lose interest. The current facility can continue to be of service to us if revitalized in the right ways. I have been following these proceedings for the past number of years and to me it seems that the younger generation of estonians want to put down roots of their own and find that a new place - but there are a lot of things to consider - it is not easy to just take money that you do not have in the first place and do this. Coming from a real estate - commercial - point of view having been in the business in a non-licensed position for over 25 yrs, there are many factors with the new facility that have to be covered and personally, I cannot see that happening the way it is going. Sure the Estonian House has faults, but they can be remedied if taken the right approach. So for those that care and want to save the existing Estonian House, let's ban together and do something about it.
Kabi Lokk03 Feb 2018 18:51
What does "too far" mean in the context of Toronto. Do you remember the keele kool (Keele Street Estonian School) which was set up because so many Estonians lived in the west end? They of course will be closer to Tartu College than to Eesti Maja.
Guido Laikve25 Jan 2018 11:09
Markus, a good and smart move. Happy to have you with us! Let's hope that other board members can see the light as well and make the same move.
Shareholder25 Jan 2018 19:33
“ In other words, no big decision affecting our cultural home should be made until the Estonian House has been restructured“

Many good points from Markus but this one is a recipe for total chaos... with all the missing and deceased shareholders.
to shareholder26 Jan 2018 21:00
... the present abyss is worse.
The bottom line:27 Jan 2018 10:21
Who is entitled to govern Eesti Maja?
Is it the majority faction among the shareholders, or some minority faction who, in their own mind, are smarter and more ethical?
Beware the minority opinion! Without prejudice, I'll suggest that Mark Alliksaar just might be wrong. What does he know that others don't? Is the majority faction on the Board ill-willed? In what respect?
Beware the self-appointed do-gooder! Here's an ugly example that must be avoided at all costs:
suggesting a new start28 Jan 2018 02:00
Finally Mr. Alliksaar presents a valid case. Finally he is the voice of pragmatism and reason that the community needs. The events to date by the 3 or 4 Orgs have been shameful, self-serving and not community minded whatsoever. Time to start anew...
Tarvo Toomes28 Jan 2018 08:05
Nôustun Sinuga, Markus.
Grow up, Mark!28 Jan 2018 12:46
Unanimous voting is only seen at Communist Party Congresses, where an infallible leader proposes a choice between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and, dissenting voters are punished.
At Eesti Maja’s Board meetings, dissenters get a hearing. In this case, Markus Alliksaar is unhappy with the result and, as a remedy, is proposing changes to the voting system so that his views might prevail.
You may still be in a minority faction and then; petulantly, have to resign to pursue your cause from the sidelines.
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Orwell28 Jan 2018 13:04
What a great foundation for an analogy: sadly you’ve got it all wrong. In this case, the bank would be the Communist Party Central Committee, imposing its will on the people. Mark is actually a whistleblowing dissident, and we all know who the applause addicted, General Secretary dictator might be!
Tiiu Roiser28 Jan 2018 16:41
Thank you Markus for your dedication and work at the EM. I completely agree with all of your statements. I know how difficult it can be to quit an organization for whose benefit you have been working for so many years. I have great hopes, however, for the future. From your new vantage point, I'm hoping there is much you can do to help the Esto community.
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