Estonia’s centennial year 2018 Estonian Life
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Lembit Tamm31 Jan 2018 12:26
As a Canadian closet Estonian trying to understand how things work (or don't), in the promotion of an event such as the Centennial I still don't understand why you would suggest that one bring your Estonian flag - but not bother give any advice as to how one might acquire a reasonably priced one somewhere in Southern Ontario to bring to the event.
Google user31 Jan 2018 13:35
Reader31 Jan 2018 21:05
Hey Lembit, check out this article:
Ingrid at Estonian House Store01 Feb 2018 08:14
Tere Lembit! I have a selection of different flags at the Estonian House Store on Broadview Avenue in Toronto. I would be happy to show them to you. Just e-mail me at
Feb 21 2018 - Toronto Eesti Maja
Eesti Keskuse projekti koosolek
Feb 25 2018 - Üle ilma Eesti kodudes
Kooslaulmine EV100
Mar 14 2018 - Toronto Eesti Maja
Eesti Keskuse projekti koosolek

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