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Guido22 Jan 2018 11:37
A waste of time and money! The location and site are totally unsuitable for a Community Centre, no matter how nice the building looks. Site located over 4 subway lines is unsuitable for construction. It and the building will be too small for the community. It is located on one way traffic street with bad entry and exit, has no parking on the street or the site. It is surrounded by 3 multi-storey buildings (38 fl., 26 fl. and 18 fl. Tartu College). The site will hardly see the sunlight or get fresh air. It is the backyard/service area of the 3 high rise buildings. The Madison project is totally unsuitable for a Estonian Community Centre, as compared to Estonian House its facilities and location.
Guido Laikve
Architect, Ret.
Conflict of Interest22 Jan 2018 12:04
The definition of a Conflict of Interest:

A situation that has the potential to undermine the impartiality of a person because of the possibility of a clash between the person's self-interest and professional interest or public interest.

Example: the architect of the Estonian House has negative opinions regarding the sale of said Estonian House.
To: conflict of interest22 Jan 2018 13:08
Nice try, buddy. Guido is actually the architect of the newest edition at the front of the EM building. Guido has gone on record of being in favour of tearing down the facade he created to open it up in a modern way for a restaurant, bank etc. He is pro redesign, making the building fresh. As I understand, he doesn't think he is the one to do it, though, making room for fresh blood.

Therefore your conflict of interest quip has no legs.
Actually23 Jan 2018 16:01
Guido Laikve has gone on the record saying he supports a multimillion dollar addition to the Estonian House to add stories and liven it up. But, he has said he is not the one to do it and that someone else should design, plan, build, fund, and finance it.
Observer22 Jan 2018 13:34
More verbiage from architect Laikve. It is easy to continue taking swipes at the project. That's the cheap way out. Lots of verbiage, but no alternate workable proposal. Let architect Laikve table his proposal.
Transparency seeker23 Jan 2018 06:18
Let’s be completely honest (a challenging proposition for some), the individuals who are “leading” the Madison project haven’t allowed Guido or anyone else to speak in an open forum, nor have they provided any concrete information to the community, aside from a childishly slapped together mock-up model. Demanding a proposal from Guido, while ensuring that there is no opportunity for him to do so, is at best dishonest, at worst sociopathic.
This sham of a public meeting is nothing more than a controlled exercise in messaging control - it is anything but an open community forum. The community should demand better and can do so by boycotting and setting up a true community meeting that allows everyone’s voice to be heard without the fear of being pushed around by EM board members and the bank’s leader(s).
Observer23 Jan 2018 18:19
A proposal was given and a video on EWR was presented. These ideas were also presented a number of years ago to the Board only to be rejected - they did not want a Plan "B". The video provided ideas and Guido stated that he wants others to step up to the plate and give Architectural ideas for the Estonian House. Renovating the Estonian House is viable, Madison is not.
Focus on the real issues -
lack of transparency,information and proper due diligence. Linda
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Mõtlen ise22 Jan 2018 20:43
Arvan, et teda ei lastud. Koosolekutel käituti tema vastu väga üleolevalt.
Miks ei tehtud konkurssi lahti kõikidele? Oleksid paremad variandid ilmunud.
Not really23 Jan 2018 19:46
Hmm I don’t think that’s true. Linda says herself in this comments that Guido presented his proposal for an addition to the house to the board several years ago and that the board took the proposal. Now, whether that’s been pursued ... no clearly it has not.
Not really23 Jan 2018 19:58
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lugeja23 Jan 2018 06:29
Would be interesting to know how Alar Kongats feels about the bad mouthing Mr. Laikve is being subjected to.
Tribalism and Nepotism23 Jan 2018 07:14
Kongats is an excellent architect and his proposed design is beautiful. Sadly, as with most of the men selected by Tartu College for the Madison “Four Pillars” team, they have one thing in common: modern Estonian tribalism. They are all members of the marginally Estonian frat, Vironia. Nepotism is poisonous for community unity.
Guido Laikve23 Jan 2018 20:13
I believe that the Madison Ave. location and site are totally unsuitable for an Estonian Community Centre. Why don't the three proponents: ECU;EFC AND TC, conduct their meetings near the site at the old Tartu College, in the small basement hall? Instead they have selected the Broadview Estonian House because it is in a better location, easier access, bigger and nicer halls, ample parking on site and in the vicinity, lots of fresh air, sun light and beautiful views all around. Perhaps no one would come to the difficult to reach Madison location with no parking? The Broadway EH can be made as beautiful as our imagination can create at a fraction of the cost of the proposed Madison Ave. development! Do we need to say anything else? They themselves have already said it all - the EH is better all around. This is a case of "action speaking louder than the words". Their actions are demonstrating that the Broadview Estonian House is in the best location!
Guido Laikve, Architect (Ret)
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Great location23 Jan 2018 21:23
The Estonian House is in a great location. That is true!

But, it is not sustainable. Also, the people who say it needs to be saved think that can be done by putting out a vabatahtlik annetus box and hoping a few people drop a few bucks in. Or, by grand plans that they are hoping someone else will volunteer for. (I would love to be wrong though).
Yes!23 Jan 2018 23:03
The Estonian House is a gem, and THIS is the neighbourhood young people want to come to, themselves and with their families! That is one thing we heard tonight at the Public Consultation on the proposed developments at Whistler’s and the Salvation Army on Broadview Avenue.

Here’s the news. Young people want to list all the things that make THIS neighbourhood attractive (and they love good food).

Where was tonight’s meeting held? The Estonian House Grand Hall was filled to capacity. It is a perfect Town Hall. And what a spectacular view across the ravine and the city, as we have seen in the EWR video, and as we saw again in the promos for Whistler’s tonight. All this abandoned for a parkette without sun or fresh air behind the soon to be dwarfed Tartu College, the dream of a building for a museum that should be otherwise fundable (beyond donation boxes) if it is of genuine merit, and a small old house on Madison? The real heritage building, as we know, is on Broadview Avenue, and the neighbours and City have been on side, as one can read in their Broadview Avenue Study. In an amazing gesture the board of Estonian House has rejected their support and is appealing the Broadview Avenue Study.

Estonian business people have been interested in sustaining Estonian House.
Sure but24 Jan 2018 06:58
What view on to the ravine? From the roof? It would be nice if the Estonian House had the view you’re describing but it doesn’t. I guess you are talking about a plan to build new storeys above the house right?

Again, I haven’t heard anyone saying young people, old people or any other people dislike the Broadview neighbourhood but that is not the issue.

The money for Madison it’s been said comes mostly from selling Estonian House - where are you suggesting the money for building additions on top of Estonian House is coming from? I guess from those supportive local community members and Estonian businesses that you describe? Or is this winding its way back to force Rotalia to sell Rotalia House? Also - there is a group of people working toward making Madison happen. Is the group of people working to save Estonian House working as hard on developing a plan that would actually do what they are proposing, or is their goal more obstruction? I don’t know because I haven’t seen it.

I’m sure the EWR regular will vote this down but serious people will think twice.
Reader24 Jan 2018 18:07
I believe Guido meant to say Broadview, not Broadway?
Segane01 Feb 2018 13:56
Guido, I respect you, but please stop telling us what is wrong with the Madison project, and tell us how to fix the Broadview Ave. Esto House!!
To Sure but:24 Jan 2018 08:51
You pose this question:
The money for Madison it’s been said comes mostly from selling Estonian House - where are you suggesting the money for building additions on top of Estonian House is coming from?

It's my understanding that "additions" aren't an issue, the "stay where we are" camp merely wants to fix the place up as is.

My question to you is this - where is the money coming from to cover the cost of the Madison project as we've been told that the money from the sale of the Esto House is not sufficient?

We've also been told that the cost of fixing up the Esto House is much less than this shortfall, if this true then why don't we stay where we are? Less expensive, a much bigger space, we don't have the issues with parking, lack of sunlight, construction headaches etc., seems like the obvious choice to me.

And if we can't afford to stay where we are, how are we supposed to afford a much costlier alternative?

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JK2424 Jan 2018 19:58
“It's my understanding that "additions" aren't an issue, the "stay where we are" camp merely wants to fix the place up as is.”

Not sure where you are getting that from. Guido has several times presented a recommendation to add storeys to Estonian House. Also, we are talking about how the views of the valley can’t be lost. A lot of people have been writing about, how Estonian House should be redeveloped to take advantage of its location.
To VVK01 Feb 2018 21:12
Please produce concrete plan, Väino ...
Curious24 Jan 2018 18:14
Sinceit will be cheaper than to build Madison, how much will it cost to repair/conserve/rehabiltate the current Esto House? And where will those sums come from?
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Väino V. Keelmann25 Jan 2018 12:33
Tasapisi, Eesti Maja seisund pole hirmus.
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