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Better hurry!10 Jan 2018 22:28
There’s a rumor circulating that The Estonian House is close to being sold.
Reader12 Jan 2018 10:07
The key word is RUMOUR, not fact
To Reader and Better Hurry.15 Jan 2018 14:06
It's not RUMOUR. They are desperately trying to keep it all underwraps, but, it is difficult to keep something as significant as this a secret, especially when it is such a violation of the conditions of the Resolution and the good faith of the shareholders and community.
Questions12 Jan 2018 18:04
Observer12 Jan 2018 19:58
I am amused by letter signed by anonymous shareholders . This group would benefit from being patient. Any deal needs to be preceeded by the appropriate due diligence. With complex deals this takes time . I am in favour of taking the time to let the appropriate analysis be done. From my perspective, the Concerned Shareholder have limited experience with deals, and limited understanding of what due diligence encompasses. I am not impressed.
Patience?12 Jan 2018 21:19
Is lecturing the community about patience appropriate given that the EM board has fumbled and farted around for 10+ years and has blown at least a hundred thousand dollars that could have been used for community programming on endless studies? If you participated in community activities, you would know what patience actually looks like.
You want amusement?13 Jan 2018 23:42
Following comedian Ron James to sum up, what has much-touted pride got to do with grand theft and usurped power supported by culture vultures who think nothing of Estonians sticking it to Estonians?

Here from a review about Estonian pioneers in Alberta (Freedom, Land and Legacy, EWR 01.05.13) is a sample of what can pass (without vigilance) as “appropriate”:

“...While the Aboriginal peoples were driven to starvation, denied mobility, machinery, licenses and permits, and the legal right to organize, the early Alberta Estonian settlers endured such widespread practices as the sale of insurance and title to land that did not exist, the sale of machinery vital to increasing the proportion of cultivated land that would, however, not work long enough to pay back the debt allowable with land deeds, and market dumping of products below cost by big companies to drive out small farmers. One old Alberta Estonian settler explains in a letter: “I don’t think you know how farmers are cheated here, and how their money is extorted. I personally have lived through three big extortions”.

Oh, the possible irony as regards the health and well-being of the community.
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Observer13 Jan 2018 20:22
To "Patience" - it is unfortunate that the other deals were aborted. Due diligence takes time and involves costs. Both necessary. I am waiting for the community meetings. Let's see what we are told. I am a glass half full type. Optimistic that we will have a new community centre.
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Trying to understand14 Jan 2018 19:16
So the same people who complain about due diligence having being aborted and money “wasted” are pushing to abort this due diligence process and waste money?
To Trying14 Jan 2018 21:33
The November due date for Due Diligence is long past. Annex residents were told that shovels are to hit the ground at Madison in the fall. Shareholders are taking steps to take back control.
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