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lugeja27 Dec 2017 10:49
"My decision to support the new Eesti Keskus / Estonian Centre is because I am looking forward to the most proactive way to ensure there is a sustainable and useable building that will take our younger generations well into this century. So they can have a solid footing in which to create their memories.

I am not choosing for me anymore, I am choosing for the future, and what is right."

Sustainable, useable and a solid foundation - sounds great, I think we can all get behind that. I'm not sure that describes the Madison project though, far from it in fact.
to lugeja28 Dec 2017 09:15
Why not?
lugeja to the inquisitive one:28 Dec 2017 12:33
There have been plenty of issues raised and questions asked that have gone unanswered. If you missed the discussion you can catch up by reading some of the articles and comments here:
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Ingrid Tanner29 Dec 2017 22:18
Are you going to rent space and cater to the Estonian community at Madison?
Can you afford the rent... this is an expensive venue and for smaller spaces higher rent.... should the management realize that that they need to pay for a super large mortgage and a small venue means higher rent per sq ft.

Currently at the Estonian House we have a caterer who is super busy ... as I saw during the Christmas Holidays...

Finally, I hear that on Saturdays the "youth" are overflowing at the current Estonian House.. so.... why do you feel they need a smaller venue and how does that "invigorate" youth? There will be even less space... where the community will most likely rent Lativian Centre or the Baptist Church so as to have enough space to keep the "youth" together and be invigorated.

And why do Estonians have to be on the "food map" of Toronto... Currently our community is serviced by Caterers... and no Veri Vorst if they are "on the map"... as you should know.
Disappointed30 Dec 2017 14:30
"And I will always be indebted to what was."

Debt will be a huge issue in the future. Will we even get this limited size building completed is the big question.

The organizers have really upset a large segment of the community who would have been funders by going ahead with their plans without heeding concerns. The organizers' "let them eat cake" attitude shows how out of touch organizers are with the community's desires and needs, otherwise they would have been able to anticipate the magnitude of the backlash to their plans -- the rift could have been prevented. This high and mighty attitude of the Madison project organizers is extremely offensive.

Lack of parking and future skyrocketing cost of it is a major issue. Not all community members have deep pockets to cover parking and future expensive Madison hall rentals. People do not want to come into a congested area, especially commuters. This is not an age-friendly plan.

Why is it okay to move forward with such deficiencies staring us in the face? Just to get something done and out of the way?

Organizers are ramming through their limited vision for a small segment of the community. They have just been crafty about it by securing a huge block of shares to affect voting their way.

We should be building elsewhere cheaper with parking or reconstructing and modernizing the present building.
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