Estonian House Concerns and Future Estonian Life
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Disappointing Media13 Jan 2018 07:05
"A free, investigative journalism and media, together with freedom of speech, are vital for the protection of democratic society."

Unfortunately Estonian Life has not published in print the English translation of this article for the many readers and those engaged with the issue who do not read Estonian.
Shareholder13 Jan 2018 07:11
To get a rough translation you could copy and paste the text into google translate maybe.
To "maybe"13 Jan 2018 08:22
Why not try the google and compare.
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Shareholder (again)13 Jan 2018 09:27
Sorry for the lack of clarity!

For translations, sometimes 'Google Translate', which can be found at can be helpful to at least get the gist of what the text means.

You just copy and paste the text you want translated, and choose the languages that need to be translated.
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Subscriber15 Jan 2018 19:29
There are issues of accountability for the publisher, Tartu College.

I was told the problem was print space. We're also talking about relevance to readers who rely on the traditional print edition for their Estonian news.

Translating an analysis takes time and expertise. Reasoning and empirical reality are antidotes to the disinformation about which the English editor of EE wrote recently in the context of Estonia. These require more space. Yet an article that attends to the same critical issue in the Canadian context has been refused space in English in the print edition. In whose interest is this?

Citizens cannot defend their interests if the news they consume does not adequately cover the issues that concern them.
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Diaspora will suffer11 Jan 2018 21:01
"Until now each of the buildings has had a distinctive role in the diaspora, which do not overlap. Now there is a will to destroy one, and to “consolidate” everything at Tartu College. This is a cause for serious concern."

"I am against the sale of Estonian House, because the consolidation of the society in whatever state would diminish the present diaspora in Toronto."

"It is certain that a dwindling [of the community] will be achieved artificially, since the projected building cannot hold a large part of the society."

Thank you, thank you, thank you Eda, for articulating what is my main concern with the Madison project. There are at least two distinct groups, if not more. There is the "salt of the earth" and then the "high brow" elites. The former will lose out, and we will be the poorer as a community for this. We are engineering the shrinking of our community with the consolidating to a Bloor St. complex.
Joona11 Jan 2018 17:28
I do not live in Toronto anymore but I follow the EM closely. This is as fine an analysis as I have ever read on this divisive subject. Thank you.
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