New Estonian Centre a game-changer for our community Estonian Life
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outsider03 Jan 2018 12:44
I forgot to ad the most import aspect of Mr. Meiusi's career:
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outsider03 Jan 2018 12:42
we can all look up Mr. Koger's CV and qualifications but let's have a look at that "cub" reporter Meiusi you seem to enamoured with since the Ehatare debacle.

In no particular order the following information was found:


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voter31 Dec 2017 16:19
Indeed it is a game changer, but with dramatic and negative results for Estonian community in Toronto and the for the Estonian House, if by chance the project were to happen, which is impossible to normal thinking people.
Karl Otsa27 Dec 2017 11:40
I heard you can even use Google to find Tom Koger.
Väino V. Keelmann25 Dec 2017 10:37
Härra Koger! Mis on Teie telefoni number?
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eevi25 Dec 2017 11:09
miks mite vaadata Eesti Elu tähtraamatust?
Väino V. Keelmann22 Dec 2017 12:01
Who was the auditor?
Thomas Koger23 Dec 2017 21:59
I am unsure WTF Vaino is talking about. If he has a problem with my competence the public should know that his own family and extended family have hired me and use my services. WRT the Peetri Kirik - the congregation continues to use my CPA firm to do their annual audit. If there were some real problem I would gladly step aside. Yet Mr. Keelman is suggesting there is some major problem with my professional services. If he was any sort of man he would call me directly to discuss any issues he has with me personally instead of on some online forum. I do not expect everyone in the Estonian community in Toronto to agree with my viewpoints - but it really is fine to agree to disagree sometimes.
Väino V. Keelmann21 Dec 2017 13:50
As a CPA+CA,CBV Thomas Koger should be able to explain why the auditor of Toronto Peetrikirik, when explicitly asked some years ago, was unable to pinpoint the exact ownership of the church premises and the role of Missouri Synod. Subsequently the Peetrikirik congregation spent a lot of money on the premises.
Evi Vahtra22 Dec 2017 09:01
Väino, please explain what Peetri kirik has to do with Eesti Maja and how Thomas Koger is involved.
I think you are taking this off on a tangent for some reason known only to you.
Ingrid Tanner19 Dec 2017 19:09
STOP.... whomever you are! Your comments are just trivial...
and you are writing BECAUSE Meiusi presents the facts... with supporting documents.
Koger article is just talk with NO substance.. no reports, no facts... just him telling us that he will be on the team.. one more person who says nothing of importance... but presents no details as an update on what is happening.

let Meiusi be the cat... Cats are cunning and WILL catch all the pigeons... because the pigeons ARE Napping... and doing nothing of any importance just fluff and promises... and the cat is ruffling their feather...
Well done Meiusi!
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Ingrid Tanner18 Dec 2017 19:38
Let me understand, you are a Chartered Accountant that specializes in litigation. Which for me means you can argue for either side.
Are you on the payroll or doing "community service"?
Your comment on "due diligence" being linked to the city planning department. To ME due diligence would mean doing research on what is the current rental rates for the institutions in the Madison neighbourhood. Due diligence would be looking at costs and a detailed spreadsheet with different scenarios. Since the org's seemed to have tied up the parking lot... has your due diligence determined how much taxes the new Estonian Centre will have to pay on the parking lot?... this is super important since the parking lot will NOT generate revenue... just costs to maintain it and taxes to pay. Add to that is the size of the "main hall" that will be rented out is the size of the middle hall in the Estonian House (so I have read)... this means one needs to understand what others in the neighbourhood are renting out their spaces... can we get a spreadsheet of your due diligent finding... do you have an estimate on the taxes due on the actual centre? These are super important numbers.
Since I am in the apartment industry... I can tell you that when a company thinks about building an apartment.... their due diligence would include knowing the cost to operate per sq ft versus the rental income they have analyzed is possible. I was just at a conference and can email you the "due diligence" that competent builders use to determine viability of a project and the projected cost to rent and maintain the new asset.
I for one have NOT seen anything of the sort from the org's... just words that all is going well and that they need more money and more time. I will email anyone who wants the slides from the conference that show REAL due diligence spreadsheet
I will email anyone who wants to see what are REAL due diligence is supposed to look like from that conference. email me at
DD18 Dec 2017 16:50
"operationally sustainable building"
this is one key part of due diligence
"accessible and accommodating"
so parking and event capacity will also be discussed in the due diligence
Koger vs. Meiusi18 Dec 2017 12:32
Koger is a Chartered Accountant - a numbers man who assesses the issue soberly.
Meiusi has a destructive streak and likes to let the cat among the pigeons.
Elagu17 Dec 2017 11:35
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