The due diligence time is in default. Estonian Life
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Shareholder18 Dec 2017 16:46
Time to hold a meeting. The board hopefully will have stopped their astonishingly expensive due diligence process as they no longer have permission from the shareholders.

This represents fail #4, for the series of projects/endeavours this board has been attempting over these last years. We also should be having a confidence or non-confidence vote on this board.
ingrid tanner18 Dec 2017 19:45
Time to show your "due diligence" spreadsheet...

show us the numbers ...
Show us the cost of taxes
show us the cost to rent other facilities in the Madison hood
show us that with all the funds you borrowed.. that you have actually done REAL due diligence.

I say it is best to just invest in our current Estonian House.... at least it is tangible and REAL... Madison feels like vapor ware.
Guido Laikve31 Dec 2017 16:31
Vaino. Excellent summary of events and conditions. I fully support your letter and ask the EH Board to do the honorable thing and follow the resolution and cancel any actions for selling of EH, and call another shareholders meeting without further delay.
outsider03 Jan 2018 12:37
Lgp! Hr. Laikeve,

Perhaps you could reprint the study you were asked to report on in 1984 as per the following article:

outsider03 Jan 2018 12:49
then of course there are these great ideas as well:

Leslie Street Spit expressway: Vaino Einola’s Big Idea | Toronto Star

Downtown parking discussed

And what ever happened to this enterprise? Did it go "postal" ?

Periwinkles Fine Gifts
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