Part 10 – "Actual versus Perceived"
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Ramming it through14 Dec 2017 06:16
A small group of people at the helm are ramming through a plan that the community does not want. Why? Probably to save face because they have used up a sizable amount of the community's money without respecting the community's attachment to the present building in the face of a growing number of drawbacks regarding their choice of a future location.

Apparently we are not alone. The Italian community if facing a similar dilemma:

"Critics accuse Villa Charities of unnecessarily destroying a symbol of Italian-Canadian history and leaving many unanswered questions about the future of the entire organization.

Villa Charities argues that the existing buildings, which date from 1980, need expensive restructuring that it cannot afford."
Ramming ...14 Dec 2017 06:34
And there's more:

"The Columbus Centre is more than bricks and mortar," MPP Mike Colle, who hosted the meeting, told CBC Toronto.

"It's an expression of the sacrifices made by the immigrants who came from Italy."


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copycat14 Dec 2017 07:28
Looking at the proposed design for the Italian Centre, it looks like the architect has been inspired by Kongats' design. Same glass walls and everything.
Tory15 Dec 2017 06:17
In one of the above articles about the Columbus Centre:
"Liberal MPP Mike Colle and Mayor John Tory were at the demonstration. Both believe that the community wasn't properly consulted about the project and that the existing centre should be left alone."

Maybe we should inform Mayor Tory of our community's predicament of not being properly consulted by lead organizers?
relax already, Meiusi!14 Dec 2017 07:47
I wish that Meiusi's contributions to EWR would be properly labelled as 'editorials'. Moreover, he should make his point, directly and clearly, rather than raise a cloud of vapour, alluding to crime and impending catastrophe.
He employed the same "conflict of interest" scare tactic at Ehatare, some years ago, when he made a big fuss about Ehatare's medical officer serving on the Board.
That was a tolerated deviance, because Ehatare, despite great effort, could not find an Estonian doctor to serve.
Thanks to Meiusi, Ehatare can no longer offer Estonian language medical services to our old folks who need them. That's OK by Meiusi: he doesn't have a loved one there.
lugeja14 Dec 2017 11:58
This anti-Meiusi crusade has been going on for many years and got tiresome a while ago, do you plan on continuing indefinitely? Beating this dead horse does nothing but distract people from the real issues at hand.
Ingrid Tanner14 Dec 2017 11:21
to relax already
since you are most likely a previous board member of the Ehatare.... AND you are the one who keeps bringing these items up.

It WAS wrong for Dr. Leesment to be Billing prescriptions. Not ethical and when governing bodies found out he had to step down.

Seems that patients seem to have thrived there over the years... it seems a doctor is a doctor... no matter what language they speak.

Or are you trying to say that Ehatare does NOT have a competent doctor?

Which is it? The community would like you to clarify this... please.
to - Ingrid Tanner14 Dec 2017 13:56
What, in your judgement, are the "real issues"?
Do they not include good care for our older generation; such as, Estonian language medical services?
Ingrid Tanner14 Dec 2017 14:18
The real issue is the Estonian House sale and how we feel deceived!

One board member seems to feel if they continue to post about Ehatare and Meiusi...then they can avoid the real discussion about Estonian House issues.

Meiusi does incredibly good research and backs it up with links of "Proof" with supporting documents. T

The fact that one person keeps attacking him personally means they are afraid that Meiusi really IS influencing the community with supportable FACTS!

As for Ehatare... I think that there is a competent manager there... I have only been there to sing with Estonia Choir. It is my understanding there is at least one Estonian Doctor that has patients there.. I am not familiar with the Nursing area... but I have been told that there are many residents that are over a 100 years old... so they are doing something correctly... with or without an Estonian Doctor... I really do not know.. though the writer seems to imply there is no Estonian Doctor there.
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Cofused14 Dec 2017 22:07
So you're saying that since the good Estonian doctor left residents are only now magically living to 100 years plus?!!!
to confused15 Dec 2017 07:04
Clearly Ingrid does not claim that residents are only now living over 100. She merely states that Ehatare has been and is doing a good job keeping residents alive, with or without an Estonian doctor.
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