We can’t eat money!
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Get real!12 Dec 2017 09:58
Some of the "you and me", who 'own' the Estonian House (sic.), are unwilling to make a finacial contribution to the institution. Yet, they feel entitled to have a say in its future.
On what basis? For the preserevation of our language and culture? Nonsense!
Sandly, most of our younger generation don't even make an attempt to speak proper Estonian.
Absurd14 Dec 2017 09:18
To suggest that this is "very similar to what happened to the North American Indians" is truly absurd.
history16 Dec 2017 14:43
The Estonian House was denigrated, it was proposed that everyone and everything move to a new place, as yet unbuilt, with no specifics as to what and how, and what was promised in the abstract may never materialize. The architect has repeated "It's all very preliminary". A lot can happen, and not happen.
na14 Dec 2017 23:48
Jaak, why wasn't the chess tornament held at Eesti Maja?
Jaak Järve15 Dec 2017 07:52
The chess tournament was held in the basement of the Estonian Baptist Church for the same reason the Estonian Credit Union purchased the monk's house on Madison Avenue beside Tartu College.We're planning for the future! When we weighed the options between both the Madison project and the Estonian House, we decided that the safest and most accessible location for future tournaments would be a house of God, namely the Estonian Baptist Church on Broadview. As chessplayers, during a chess game, options are always changing with every move. It is the stronger player who will always make the best moves on board and eventually win the game. Chess is very similar to life in the sense that, good moves result in winning, where bad moves result in loss and defeat.
to - Jaak!17 Dec 2017 12:31
How do you know that "individual shareholders are not in favour of this Madison project"?
Also, if "the community" (i.e. non-shareholders) are very opposed to, so what? It's risible to think that their opinion should hold sway. Money talks; b.s. walks.
Jaak Järve17 Dec 2017 14:24
You take away the Estonian Credit Union's block votes of 700, and then the 66% pro-Madison vote would not have been achieved. A recount was never allowed because their may have been errors in the tabulation of the votes, which also could have changed the vote. Remember the votes were entered into the computer manually. A couple of erroneous key stroke entries changes everything...doesn't it. Too many negative vibes being transmitted by the Estonain House Board. A recount immediately would have probably dismissed the current suspicions of voting tampering.
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Deja vu17 Dec 2017 20:55
Moore has refused to concede defeat, and instead is asking supporters to donate to an "election integrity fund" to root out what he says -- without providing evidence -- is voter fraud.
Glen Leis18 Dec 2017 07:27
Jaak. You are implying that there is a plot or conspiracy here. If you are convinced that the people in charge are lying to us what are they lying for? What do they have to gain personally from moving the Estonian House? What is the point of this alleged conspiracy?
agreed Jaak!18 Dec 2017 10:09
A review of all block votes need to be confirmed for the benefit of the members in the block voting organizations.
EM shares18 Dec 2017 08:43
The Credit Union is a cooperative; i.e., member-owned and, therefore, its EM shares can't be casually dismissed.
The shares owned by Jaak, Meiusi, et.al. don't over-ride those bequeathed to the CU by old Estonians. They are equal in value to those inherited, for example, by Meiusi.
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From absurb18 Dec 2017 11:49
Jaak...maybe there is even a little collusion going on between the Estonian House Board and the Russians
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