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Allan Meiusi02 Dec 2017 12:25
Interestingly no one, including Ward 20 City Councillor Cressy, commented on this development proposal when local residents were invited to hear about the Estonian Centre Project on October 30th. If 300 Bloor West grows to a 38 storey tower, the morning shadows casting over 9 and 11 Madison from the late spring through to late summer could be sizeable. Are there any concerns over how these particular shadows may impact the glass walls and green roof of the Estonian Centre. What of the possible additional foot and vehicle density around the Centre? We might want to seek the advice an Eesti Maja board member who said in relation to another condo development in the city that: "We fought Cadillac Fairview's excessive density proposal in Don Mills for 2 years with minimal success. With this proposal they are exceeding their agreement with the community by a 1/3 increase in the number of units to be built on the Don Mills Centre site, In addition, this building will be casting a shadow directly on my property on Jocelyn Cr. mid-day for most of the year. CF has also yet to fulfill its many promises re. the community centre (40 years and waiting) and hockey rink. Profit and profit alone is their Lord and Master." Is this board member concerned about what a development at 300 Bloor West may add to an already congested corner now that 316 Bloor West will grow to a 20+ story condo at the corner of Madison? Perhaps someone can ask Hr. Kuris at the next information session. https://www.change.org/p/dmric...
An Observer02 Dec 2017 14:50
I am not sure why what MIGHT happen at 300 Bloor St W should really stand in the way of what MIGHT happen with the Estonians on Madison. It is beyond the control of we Estonians. I am not sure what benefit certain provocateurs provide to our small community. I am also not sure why seeking to cause dissent is of any value. There is a difference between promoting debate and fomenting discord. Perhaps it amuses some of the provocateurs. A la Trump ... sad ...
To fellow shareholders:03 Dec 2017 12:47
I have been following this whole drama for some time, my contractor associates have informed me
of the following facts:
9 Madison Ave (prk lot) was bought this summer
958 Broadview Ave., has a tentative p/s agreement in place
None of the representatives/players at the OMB have changed

What really gets me, is the fact that the 4 Org’s have failed to follow the very resolution presented/approved (in good faith) by the shareholders. Should this not constitute breach of agreement?
The requirement was to carry out due diligence, present this to shareholders and get shareholder blessing PRIOR to any purchase or sale.
The 4 Org’s promises are not just conditions of satisfaction to be fulfilled in the future; they are guarantees of integrity that must be honored in the present. Satisfaction happens later, integrity happens now. Satisfaction is conditional; it depends on factors you can’t control.
Integrity is unconditional; it depends on choices the 4 Org’s make.
On a final note, the way in which Windmill and Tribute were treated by EHB did not go over well and left a bad impression.
Fellow Shareholder03 Dec 2017 18:39
Wow. Just wow. Totally corrupt board if what you are saying is true.
I don't get it05 Dec 2017 06:39
I don't get it. Why was not our Madison project board not able to secure a tower and these guys could? It's the next street over. Is it a scenario of too green players unable to elbow space for themselves in the "big boy's" sandbox?

I don't buy it that we would not have been able to build over the subway. Look at Union Station.

Seems like the communities we reside in (or want to reside in) have the upper hand with opposing wishes.

I think we can still make a go of it with the support of the surrounding Broadview community to redesign our centre. They should be forthcoming going forward since they fear the developers swooping in to buy the property and building a monstrosity.
Requirement05 Dec 2017 17:26
60 parking spaces MINIMUM
balance of power08 Dec 2017 15:30
"The situation we’re dealing with is an appeal a day,” said Councillor Joe Cressy":

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