Eesti Keskuse arhitekti Alar Kongatsi tutvustus - esimene osa Eesti Elu
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Ingrid Tanner27 Nov 2017 11:47
You mention how two subway stations are walking distance... to Madison site.
Seems like you have not really even been to the Estonian House on a Saturday... when the lot is full of cars to overflowing.

You seem to be implying that ...even though Broadview station is "walking distance" to the Estonian House... that really... all the parents and users of the current site really want to use TTC... just not Broadview station.

I think you are NOT truly doing the proper due diligence at the current Estonian House
"large" is relative27 Nov 2017 12:52
"Kuidas täpselt ehitus oma lõplikul kujul välja näeb, saab selgeks uuel aastal, kui Alari ja projekti tiimi poolt viiakse läbi kohtumisi erinevate kasutajagruppidega."

As I understand, the "large" hall will be smaller than the middle "Kristall" hall at the present Estonian House. And with no stage.

It was a pleasure to take in the "Klarissa kirjad" play on stage in the spacious large hall of the the Estonian House. Not in a cramped room, where you have to peer over the heads of those sitting in front of you to see who is performing.

Why are we trading this in, when the old building can be revamped, restructured, added onto, and improved? Where is the vision? The vision for Madison is marred by serious deficiencies.
An Observer27 Nov 2017 17:39
Seems like IT is sniping. Really not appropriate. Were the new EH to be built on Broadview, there would have been limited paid parking in the building. Folks are fantasizing if they think that in an increasingly congested city like Toronto free parking is an entitlement.
Ingrid Tanner28 Nov 2017 20:32
Not sure where I mentioned FREE parking... but the Estonian House has parking... and should they want to make money they can start with paid parking..,

And at Madison site the Org's are taking away the parking lot to create a communal space where the actual usable space (if I understood what was presented) will be like the walls around Tallinn... except MUCH LESS wall ... and not to mention a HUGE tower will be built across the street blocking out the sun in the communal space.
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Really?30 Nov 2017 21:20
“Tahame luua keskust, mis vaatab tuleviku poole,” selgitab Alar. “Eesmärgiks on tutvustada Eesti kultuuri ja muuta see laiemalt kohaliku ühiskonna osaks.”

“Eestlastena oleme väga uhked meie kunsti-, muusika- ja meediasaavutuste üle,” ütles Alar. “Tulevase keskuse kaudu saaksime kõike seda jagada ka ülejäänud linnarahvaga.”

Really, Toronto wants more Estonian culture? Who knew? And where is the planning for our multi-faceted Estonian community's future? Huge disconnect here.
Satisfy community first01 Dec 2017 06:24
Really? has a good point, that the article portrays the importance of the Madison centre as one of promoting Estonian culture to all Canadians. This is an important aim and to date Canadian Estonians have been lacking in this regard – we have been too community-centric in our focus while trying to maintain the culture to see the value in this. But you have to satisfy the needs of your existing community first. You can’t gut it for a chosen few. Too many people in the community have said that they will not use the facility because of traffic and parking issues. This should be enough to stop planners for Madison in their tracks, instead of steamrolling through, regardless of the outcome.
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