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Guido Laikve25 Nov 2017 20:57
Well done Väino !
Density and parking26 Nov 2017 06:01
"Without parking this is an inferior commercial property and that will not financially sustain itself let alone the activities of the Estonian community. This is surely already self evident, if you have done any credible investigation of the site-specific leasing market."

Not only that, but the Madison building will be located in a population dense area, to which young and old will avoid coming because of the traffic. The situation will be acerbated by lack of parking, the price of which will only continue to go up.

Think Estonian House in New York, where local Estonians choose which day of the weekend to "come into the city" for events. They will not come in to find expensive parking two days in a row.
Ingrid Tanner26 Nov 2017 10:48
Well said Vaino, Hopefully the Estonian Credit Union realizes that also.
How many banks do you see that do not have parking?

Close to our home is a Duca Credit Union.. just moved there a few years ago .. with a nice sized parking lot AND a seniors residence attached... Now THAT was good planning.

All the money spent trying to get Madison up and running... really could have been used to update the Estonian House ... for OUR community!
Estonian House could have borrowed funds to developed a seniors residence at the Estonian House site.

Think of the cash flow - the same model Tartu College uses to keep it running.

Ehatare is so far away.. There would have been a market for that.

And Ehatare still has funds and an assets that they wanted to use for a new Seniors residence... to my knowledge they did not find land that was suitable.

This could still happen... if the Org's truly want to do what is best for our community.

Underground parking... and rent from apartments... means cash flow to allow Estonian House to THRIVE... and get updated
lugeja26 Nov 2017 12:46
Reading these comments about older people and parking etc. made me think of the analogy one of the "Madisonites" used, something along the lines of it was time for the young people to "move out of their parents house". I was just thinking that this is all well and good but usually when young people move out of their parents house, they don't sell their parents house to finance their move. That would be in fact disgraceful, at least in my opinion.
Ingrid Tanner26 Nov 2017 16:23
Parent's house...
that comment came from a board member who did not identify themselves as one... Because in realty… it is the young people who use the Estonian House currently who will be the one's who lose... the comment the board made in Eesti Elu indicating they are trying to figure out what new neighbourhood needs. Not our Estonian Community needs.
Thus, we know what our current usage is... and well that does NOT seem to matter to the board.
We can list who are effected negatively by selling Esto House…
Scouts, guides, Esto school for the young, and the adults who want to improve/or learn Estonian, the firing range, and the seniors.
I believe the Estonian Bank will lose the Estonian customers. Perhaps that is the plan… the Estonian Bank might like to grow and not be linked anymore with our community… just the lender to the Org’s … Where the Estonian Bank will own the assets should all of this fail.

Which might be a good thing… if the bank had shown any capability to manage an asset… instead they purchase a property that sits empty for 3 years.
Asset management does not seem to be a forte in our community.
Not a very good track record.
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arhitekt28 Nov 2017 16:16
Ingrid: Most banks in the city do not have dedicated parking lots. Underground parking costs $30,000 to $50,000 per stall to build. Don't dream that such parking would be offered for free.
Ingrid Tanner28 Nov 2017 20:50
to arhitekt

As for my comment on banks... I did not mention that they OWN the parking lots.. but for sure they offer parking... paid or not paid.. in a private lot or a communal lot... but parking is there...

As for parking at the Estonian house... Parking is there... and currently it is free to park there.. good for the bank and the community.. should EH decide to ask for paid parking... that is the Estonian House prerogative. But there currently ARE parking spots. Should our community want to develop the Broadview site with underground parking... there will at least be parking that is available for a fee... versus the madison proposal of taking away a small parking lot and making it a communal space for the community.. and building a small structure to replace the current Estonian House.

Sorry, nothing you can say would make the parking issue go away.
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arhitekt29 Nov 2017 20:22
I agree. Lets put aside all the long essays about the architectural value of this property and concur that it all comes down to parking.
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