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Jaak Järve15 Nov 2017 14:30
Dear shareholder,
The block voting does not represent the true community's popular little people's vote. In the initial tally, the Madison project won by a very thin margin (6-10 votes?). When asked for a recount to verify the result, this request was denied by the board. This denial immediately cast a pall of suspicion over the entire affair. I believe in the democratic process of voting, do the recount and you will eradicate the suspicion of voting fraud. It's a simple thing to do.....but....oh my....what happens if the recount verifies that the Madison project did not win the required number of votes. That will definitely change the horizon wouldn't it.
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Jaak Järve15 Nov 2017 08:58
The Toronto Estonian House board should have spent their efforts on better understanding the needs of the organizations which utilize the house for their own activities.
The paradigm in which the Toronto Estonian Board is entrenched in is “That we are only a rental facility.” In fact, you are much, much more than this.
The Estonian House is the hub of the Toronto Estonian community and home to organizations which are the life-blood of our community. First and foremost The Estonian Schools, the Toronto Estonian Men’s Choir, Kungla Folk-dancing Troupe, Estonian Guides and Scout troops, Estonian Arts Centre(with over 1500 pieces of artwork), Society of Estonian Artists in Toronto, Toronto Estonian Gun Club, Toronto Estonian Chess Club and the E-store.
The Toronto Estonian House Board has failed miserably to adapt to the changes in the Toronto Estonian community. Given the diminishing numbers of the community the board should have looked to the successful strategic plans implemented by Tartu College( a university student residence), in their marketing and event organization programs. Tartu College has through the hiring of an events coordinator, Piret Noorhani, introduced lecture evenings, film screenings, concerts by local and Estonian import entertainers, cooking and baking classes and fundraising events.
Instead the Toronto Estonian House Board decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire consultants to find out what’s wrong with the Estonian House. What fools these mortals be!
The Toronto Estonian House Board has failed to adapt and change their paradigm and as a result they have created un-needed stress in our community and have fractured the once intact community harmony.
The sale of the Estonian House and the displacement of all of the key community organizations which currently call The Estonian House- home will directly splinter our once cohesive community bee-hive.
The fault lies not with the Estonian House but with the inept and unimaginative Estonian House Board of directors.
To add insult to injury, the Estonian House Board has decided to spend another $750,000 on due diligence regarding the Madison Project. Stop the lunacy, fire the board and hire people who are frugal, imaginative and believe in the Estonian House to exist for another 100 years instead of 50 years at Madison Avenue.
Shareholder15 Nov 2017 13:50
Excellent idea, Jaak! Fire the board! You are all brain! But who, may I ask, has the power to do this? This 'miserably failed' board has been elected by shareholders - you and me. It can only be replaced by the same people in democratic election. If we blame the board, aren't we blaming ourselves?
Use your brain, Jaak, it's the little things that count.
$14 Nov 2017 14:15
I think a lot of people are feeling this way.

Seems like a lot of money is being used for planning to build elsewhere when the money could have been used to build something fabulous onto the existing structure.

We are not getting bang for our buck at Madison -- too many end users in our community were not considered for this space.

Research needs to be done first (for example: are there issues with the Madison site) before you start planning to build. This was not done and now the community is suffering for it.
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