Never Give Up!
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Väino V. Keelmann27 Oct 2017 13:51
Tere Jaak! Kas see on Tauno Kangro kujundatud "Northern Estonian Boreal Frog" mida ma hiljuti kinkisin kallikeselle?
Astonished ...27 Oct 2017 14:50
Always nice to see someone's throat being throttled! (Just kidding, if the irony in my statement escapes you.) I am more than astonished and disappointed at this attempt at humour?!?!?
Shallow27 Oct 2017 15:31
Very constructive Jaak & EWR.

It's loud and clear.....if you don't get you're way- you'll poison the well.

Should generate some web traffic though.
What's the frog's name?27 Oct 2017 16:24
Well done!27 Oct 2017 16:51
It's hard not to be strident in the face of the 3-Org's outrages. Nor is silent suffering a healthy option.
Time to meet, discuss, resolve03 Nov 2017 15:02
Disheartening that older community leaders, people aged 60, 70 and 80 years old with time on their hands, continue polarizing our already small heritage community. We see it from the group pushing for Madison with little consultation or communication. We see it from those who believe Broadview can remain viable with bake sales and bazaars. Quite the mess just in time for EV-100. With cartoons like this why does anyone worry about Putin. We have each other. Noored, some day this can all be yours.
Younger too05 Nov 2017 20:45
Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not just the older folks who have an opinion on whether to stay or go.

What scares the heck out of me is that I suspect that the leading organizations don't have a real idea of what the Madison option is going to cost and in the end it will cost much, much more. Building over a subway system, which is going to shake the foundation of the building and will require costly ($) building tricks is not the sensible choice. With a divided community, the financial support will also be divided.

Revamping the existing building or building next to the Latvian Centre are the preferable, more sensible choices.
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