Estonian Centre Update: Profile on Project Managers David Kalm and Rob Deutschmann Estonian Life
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issues16 Oct 2017 18:22
There are some issues with the statements in this article.

“Working with the community and really listening to their needs is of utmost importance in this process,” David explained.

This unfortunately comes across hollow, since seniors, commuters and those owning cars requiring parking are getting the short end of the stick with this deal.

“The feeling will be one of natural warmth, with a number of modern elements.”

Thought it is a beautiful design, I do not get “warmth”. Warmth you get with wood and textiles, not concrete and glass. Recommend better choice of wording for future articles.

“The community will be consulted as the plans evolve and the use of the space is finalized.”

I thought that we were in the due diligence phase? This sounds like a “done deal”.

“Everyone has to be accommodated.”

Everyone will not be accommodated. Words should be chosen more carefully for articles. This only inflames those who feel that they are being ignored.

Finally, can someone explain why Estonian House is not listed first in this order of organizations and is listed third? It appears to the lay person to be a willy-nilly choice. It also feeds people’s concern that Estonian House is not in the driver’s seat.

I want to be a champion for the Madison building, but too many people are being alienated and I fear that this building may end up a white elephant. I'm sorry, but this article rubbed me the wrong way.
getting it right.17 Oct 2017 00:09
David Kalm was one of the consultants for the Estonian House's failed development bids. As a professional with many years on construction and risk management experience, the EH ended-up with a $240,000.00 debt. This was good management? As David said, "we want to make sure we get it right." He should have added, "this time".
Finally hopefully answers17 Oct 2017 16:16
David, thank you for made yourself available for questions directly, because we can never get any answers from the 3 Orgs or the EH board. Could you confirm based on your preliminary analysis and financial planning experience, what you believe to be the potential shortfall of required money for this entire venture knowing that right now you only have the proceeds from the EH to rely upon? What do you estimate will be the shortfall for phase I and for phase II?
community member20 Oct 2017 20:45
David you said, "working with the community and really listening to their needs is of utmost importance in this process", I too would like you to answer the questions about potential shortfalls, or let us know when you have posted it to .
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