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shareholder09 Oct 2017 21:43
I want to thank the Engineers and Architect for this current insightful assessment of the building. I hope that all the shareholders will read this and understand the real status of the Estonian House. I also thank the Friends of Estonian House for their dedication for keeping the Estonian House as the heart of the Estonian Community.
Thank you, gentlemen!10 Oct 2017 15:49
Now, we need to hear from the accountants. How do the numbers add up?
Let's not overlook another imperative: by law, we must build a new Ehatare! The older generation, which financed the construction of Eesti Maja, needs a place for a comfortable retirement among their own kind.
bringing up Ehatare12 Oct 2017 10:05

What is the connection... Ehatare has 3 million dollars to find a location.

I heard directly from a Board member that they are NOT actively looking for a new location.. that they will wind down instead of running a place with non-Estonians.

I got the impression that they are just in wind down mode... because the relief committee does not want to run a home for non-Estos... and I guess they feel there are not so many Older Estonians left... so... do not bring up Ehatare... it has no place in this discussion of Esto House.. To me... if Ehatare can operate with Estonians and non-estonians... and can make some profit... they should do it.. so they can donate the funds to a worthy Esto causes. But that is their decisions....
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to - bringing up Ehatare15 Oct 2017 10:52
Does this mean that Meiusi and his mob scored their final victory?
also a shareholder10 Oct 2017 09:22
The current EH should be maintained and am appreciative to the volunteers who are helping to do this while our community still uses it. However, the structural and cosmetic condition of EH should not be confused with the glaring fact that EH is currently being used more by non-Estonian groups and therefore our efforts and money to maintain the if mostly for others!
Our active Estonian organizations use it only for a few hours a week so we just do not need this size of a building anymore.
It's too expensive and impractical to have our small Estonian community split between TWO locations in Central Toronto.
What makes sense?10 Oct 2017 11:16
But, if you think your argument through to its conclusion, then we could ask: if few groups are using the building now, then why would more groups begin to use a brand new building in the future? Why would groups magically appear with a new building? Wouldn’t the rent be expensive there, in order to recoup building costs? Wouldn’t we still be mainly renting to non-Estos?

This begs a second question: then why go through the exhaustive process of getting rid of something you have and then build something extravagantly new on a challenging property that will attract considerably less people in your target group than you are attracting now (I’m thinking Esto seniors, commuters, people with cars needing parking, etc.). Wouldn’t this constitute a make-work project and an ineffective use of energy? There will most likely be years of delays in construction, which means that our community will be displaced for a long, long time.
shareholder11 Oct 2017 06:43
Those non-Estonians are paying for the upkeep of a building that the Estonians can call home - and use. On Tuesday evenings it is full to the brim, literally, on Thursdays is choir (the other 2 halls have yoga and ballroom dancing) and the rifle range is booming and on Saturday is kindergarten. Let alone all of the other parties, lunches, wakes etc. Why is it a problem that non-Estonians pay for the upkeep of 'our' home? I see it as a very good thing! And Esto House has broken even and even made a bit of a profit in the past - with proper management and marketing it can be done!
Wow.. move since NON Esto's!12 Oct 2017 09:15
Really we should have MOVE because NON Estonian groups are renting the Estonian house.!!!!!..

I have heard that on Saturdays we do not have enough space when all the activities of children and youth are there. So... going to a smaller venue would mean renting something other than the NEW Esto house...

By Encouraging and Marketing to NON ESTONIANS... we can afford to KEEP the Estonian house running...

The columbus centre, where there is a seniors home for Italians... does NOT mention Italian in there marketing.... and because of that.. the center if fully utilized by all ethnic groups... and has even a dedicated Art Gallery space with a curator...

Thus...... take money and allow us to be able to continue to use the Estonian house... by taking other communities money... THAT is how business works.... This is an amazing location.... for cars and transit and many Caterers would be excited to promote the Estonian House for events... since there are very few venues available as large as our space WITH PARKING
6311 Oct 2017 12:32
When I was at the Esto House last evening, I counted the number of cars parked in the back, 63.

There was Estonian School last night and the men's choir was rehearsing as well, bank employees and clients, and most likely others.

Just curious, how would parking work for roughly 60 cars at a Madison facility on a given evening?
Concerned shareholder12 Oct 2017 05:45
The EH board has been mismanaging the building for years. They must be really pissed that the Friends of EH applied for a roof grant because it doesn't fit their manufactured storyline. Most concerning is that, they have been potentially LYING to us for years about the studies, what is in the studies and the conclusions. We have been trusting the board about the condition of the EH, I think as a shareholder/s we all need to see these studies or give the studies to the professionals (3 musketeers) for their comment. Thank you to the 3 musketeers for their report.
Concerned shareholder12 Oct 2017 05:50
The EH board has been mismanaging the building for years. They must be really pissed that the Friends of EH applied for a roof grant because it doesn't fit their manufactured storyline. Most concerning is that, they have been potentially LYING to us for years about the studies, what is in the studies and the conclusions. We have been trusting the board about the condition of the EH, I think as a shareholder/s we all need to see these studies or give the studies to the professionals (3 musketeers) for their comment. Thank you to the 3 musketeers for their report.
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Agreed12 Oct 2017 13:14
It really does appear now that the EM board has been purposefully neglecting basic maintenance of EM so as to support their lies that the EM is beyond repair.

The EM board's plans are far beyond 'not passing the smell test'. It stinks to high heaven.
Question about trust12 Oct 2017 20:41
If the board has been lying to us about the true condition of the Estonian House, what is to stop them from lying about the results of the due diligence? How do we make sure we see the studies for the due diligence, they never showed us the studies for the Estonian House?
transparency12 Oct 2017 20:58
The board is always telling us they are transparent....nice words, now show us some action...give us the studies or as suggested give them to the 3 professionals, I trust them!
Question for the 3 prof.13 Oct 2017 08:04
Could the 3 professionals ask the estonian house board for the studies to review? Would you ask them or have you already asked them? We need you to review the studies, we can't trust the board any longer!
When nxt EH mtg w shareholders18 Oct 2017 12:35
I refuse to use the term lying. However, I believe that the 4orgs group is very focused on doing everything possible to move ahead with their agenda to build at Madison, for which considerable community money has been used by these organizations. During this process I believe that any reports have been presented with this goal in mind. Had the goal of the group been to revamp and build onto the present House, then I believe that certain aspects (old boilder, roof, etc.) would have been presented possibly in a more positive light (boiler can be scrapped and replaced with more efficient system). It all depends on what you want to achieve.

I support giving access of reports to the three elder gentlemen interviewed in this clip, since they have experience in their fields of expertise and with the Estonian House.I would then like to hear their thoughts afterward.

My fear is that the 4orgs, even if they wished to relent to public pressure to revamp the existing house (or build in a location more convenient to those opposed to the Madison,) are afraid of the backlash for the considerable monies spent on the Madison project to date, e.g. substantial architectural design fees. They may feel to be in the regrettable position of „there’s no turning back now“ in building an EH at Madison.

I have no idea of what will happen next. I feel that a meeting called by the Estonian House is in order in November, since this is when the due diligence process is to be completed. I fear that no such meeting will take place, that the 4orgs will move forward with Madison building plans and the selling of the present Estonian House without consulting the community. Is this the case?
Reader12 Oct 2017 20:08
Does the Estonian House conform to AODA legislation?
3 professionals15 Oct 2017 16:36
The 3 professionals have repeatedly asked for the professional studies and reports from the EB directors that they claim to have. We would be glad to review them.
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: shareholder (21:43)
No faith in the board17 Oct 2017 07:14
Wow, to hear that the 3 professionals (3 musketeers, great!) have been asking repeatedly for the reports. Where is the boards transparency? The only reasonable conclusion you can draw for not showing the actual reports is because they have been LYING to us and they need to keep it covered up.
Nobody Important15 Oct 2017 19:03
Lembit Maimets: Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) Licence #28645018; Practicing Status: Undeclared; Date of Licensure: July 20, 1956.
Toomas Saar: **NOT IN PEO DATABASE**
Curious16 Oct 2017 14:01
I've never understood why the Esto House doesn't charge for parking, a fundraiser?
Lugeja16 Oct 2017 20:19
If Toomas Saar is not licenced by the APEO, is he allowed to call himself a Mechanical Engineer?
voter17 Oct 2017 15:57
"lugeja" shoul have the courage to tell us who he/she is. Why ask? We all know that they are professionals. We know off and have lived in their buildings including the Estonian House. Quite shameful !!!
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: shareholder (21:43), 3 professionals (16:36)
here we go again18 Oct 2017 09:28
One anonymous user (voter aka shareholder aka 3 professionals) asks another anonymous user (lugeja) to identify him/herself. What a soap opera!!!
Anonymous18 Oct 2017 10:24
And a third anonymous user find it funny when previous anonymous commentator demands transparency ...

And forth is making a comment about the third. Soon the whole internet will crash.
If a doctor practises18 Oct 2017 18:23
without a licence it is serious and so is a lawyer without a licence. Can anyone practise engineering without a licence, like Saar appears to?
what next?18 Oct 2017 08:52
It seems that anyone who has asked for the studies has never received or seen them. I do not want to believe that they are hiding something and have been lying to us for many years. Many of us made decisions during the meetings based on what they told us about the estonian house. My question is what do we do now as shareholders if they were lying? What are our options? It saddens me to think that potentially the board has been lying to us for many years. I hope that this is not true, but, they are making it very difficult for me to think otherwise.
voter18 Oct 2017 15:46
It is true. They have been lying to us all the time. The question is why? They are the Board who should be protecting and leading the Estonian community and not destroying it! WHY? WHY?
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: shareholder (21:43), 3 professionals (16:36), voter (15:57)
Observer18 Oct 2017 18:56
Why, why does one ranter comment using so many different names? Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: shareholder (21:43), 3 professionals (16:36), voter (15:57)
observer too19 Oct 2017 08:22
The board should be addressing the issue of the studies, you are going to lose credibility and support here if you don't. Just show the studies and get it done with, so that we can move on!
21 Oct 2017 19:03
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