Part 5 – "Cash out, but will it cash in?”
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rahamees24 Sep 2017 09:10
One only has to look at the order of names (and in case of article in EE, omission of names) under the recent update from the 4Orgs to understand who is driving the EH sale process. So sad.
sad state of rentals25 Sep 2017 08:01
"How much can the proposed Estonian Centre rely on rental income derived from Estonian-Canadian organizations? When the community’s own rental appetite has slowed by 45%, what might the new Centre’s income stream look like? The Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU) is part of the sustainability strategy for “…cost sharing, event synergies, collaboration and exploration of new ideas and cultural links” but this alliance generate enough cashflow to make a significant contribution to the construction debt? "

Just a side comment: Tartu College/VEMU has helped erode rentals at the present Estonian House with its free rent of the TC hall and rooms to many groups and performers from Estonia ....

Interesting, how this situation will evolve with a new building on Madison.
Doubtful25 Sep 2017 11:24
I don't see anything evolving on Madison. This will just go bankrupt. All the value of EM straight down the drain.
Mari25 Sep 2017 15:25
Looks like to force agreement for Madison project two methods have to date most effective - bullying and fear-mongering hand in hand with lack of real facts and claims of gag order regarding proceedings. Maybe, in general, there is more opposition than anyone dares admit or maybe something else is afoot??? I am sure many people are working hard to do their best or what they think is for the best but with the community growing smaller and further apart (geographically and through inter-marriage or.....) it all seems like too huge a project for the circumstances as they stand at present. Maybe a better solution would be to have a or as many meetings as it take and work with the community at large to find more viable and workable solutions. Of course, in the end you can't please everyone but atleast a huge debt, possible bankruptcy and feeling of being forced into a corner may be averted. I might be wrong and if I am, my apologies but looks to me like something fishy is afoot!!!
Worth pointing out26 Sep 2017 16:39
Not only $1, but a lot of space is also given away to organizations for free. Think of all the lost revenue that could have been gained.

Don't trust Meiusi!27 Sep 2017 10:46
Meiusi participated in the "Revenge for Rosie" campaign against Ehatare.
Over the span of two years, he played a leading role in the no-holds-barred crusade aimed at undermining Ehatare.
Eesti Elu was co-opted. Ehatare's Board was cowed. Estonians with no direct contact with Ehatare only heard the mendacious side of the story: that of the vigilantes.
Now, Meiusi wants to meddle other matters. There is no reason to trust him!
When he was asked whether he was the source of a series of baseless complaints, about Ehatare, to the Ministry of Health, he refused to confirm or deny! That spoke volumes!
lugeja27 Sep 2017 10:54
What is the purpose of this diatribe other to distract people from the very serious issues at hand? Take your vendetta elsewhere, I for one am going to keep my eye on the ball.
a serious issue at hand...28 Sep 2017 07:32 the moral integrity of Allan Meiusi.
That's "a ball" that we should have been keeping an eye on for quite some time already.
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Lots of unanswered questions28 Sep 2017 09:57
I am all in favour of transparency but I do wonder what the common thread is in all of this. Why does someone who is minimally involved in the community for years and years seem to pop up to prominence every time there is a prime opportunity to sow discord and division. Sorry but the "just a journalist doing my job" thing rings hollow, I don't buy it. I've never been clear on what his actual end goal is. This is a community of volunteers, not the White House. Same thing with Ehatare were the main goal seemed to be to get vengeance (meanwhile the residents just wanted stability and a good plan, and are quite happy under the management these days). What does he actually want for the community? What is his vision? What has he been doing to build or is he just here to tear down? Not a smear I really want to know.
Still unanswered28 Sep 2017 15:27
Well, you're entitled to that opinion but I think personal vendettas is not the thing that we need more of.
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to Rahamees28 Sep 2017 15:50
Meiusi would do a better job of informing the community, if he didn't employ unnecessarily ambiguous language.
He might think that it makes him look astute, but; readers rightly suspect he's trying to obfuscate, with sinister intentions and, more so, in view of his energetic, destructive meddling at Ehatare.
That is, indeed, relevant to the matter at hand because it exposes character!
After years of gratuitous harassment by Maxim de la Trine, we expected some peace; alas, along came Meiusi.
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I like to know29 Sep 2017 07:57
Thank you Allan, for your reporting.

There are more actual individuals opposed to the EM2 proposal than for it, as we all know that the shareholder voting has been so strongly weighted by the credit union and other large shareholder organizations who don't poll their members before voting on their behalf.

Your points in this due diligence series are very clearly articulated and need to be responded to in detail by the EM board. But the response we see here is a side-stepping of the issue and distracting everyone by these personal attacks against you.

Let's not get distracted! This is a critical point for our community, don't dredge up old personal grudges related to a wrongful dismissal case. It is all very petty and unprofessional.

So, please EM board, would you kindly stop the smearing and respond to each and every one of Meiusi's due diligence points outlined in this series?
Thank You Meiusi!01 Oct 2017 20:38
you write with clarity, with supported facts.

This is a breath of fresh air. The attacks against you come from fear.

We need to share your message via email or speaking to seniors who might not be "on-line"... they still have shares and they can should vote... and they should have access to your insights and research.

I am listening... others are listening... and those who attack you know that... which means they understand your strength.

thank you...
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