How Russia went wrong: an insider’s testimony
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russiancitizen17 Sep 2017 06:52
i am a russian citizen and i support putin,
because by historical standards his rule was very beneficial to russia.

yes, many things could have been better,
BUT... BUT it might also have been much worse

thus, as the best is the enemy of good, i support putin

putin more than doubled russia's gold reserve,
defeated wahhabists in chechnya, georgians in ossetia, returned crimea, and is helping president assad to protect syria from bearded troglodytes
where's the profit?19 Sep 2017 09:35
Defeating the Chechens and Georgians, and grabbing Crimea has done no good for you, an ordinary Russian, apart from inflating your national pride.
Russians would be better off, if they could stamp out the ubiquitous corruption that has enriched oligarchs and politicians, while impoverishing the people.
Why have the former Soviet territories all prospered, in comparison?
The Russians living there show no desire to return to Russia, in spite of financial enticements.
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