USA hiiglaslikus küberrünnakus avaldati 143 miljoni inimese andmed
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whose responsibility?14 Sep 2017 10:49
With firms desperate to hire women in senior IT and other STEM roles under threat of financial sanctions from governments, it is possible that Susan Mauldin got her current job because of her gender. She has a bachelor’s degree in music composition and a master’s degree in music composition, a major that seems to have had no relevance whatsoever to protecting the details of the affected 143 million people.
"For Equifax, this might become one of the costliest mistakes imaginable. Vanity Fair and other outlets are reporting a somewhat likely $70 billion loss as a result of anticipated litigation. One Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, is presently calling for at least some senior Equifax employees to be jailed, though in this case she is mostly responding to allegations of insider trading after several executives sold company shares before reporting the hack."
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