The Black Captain – who was he?
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Here is a hint09 Sep 2017 13:24

Now the Estonian officer Captain Percy - he's another guy to look into
Alfons10 Sep 2017 18:10
Like your sense of humour!!
stork11 Sep 2017 08:40
The excellent "White stork" drink you consumed was not Беларусь but Belyi Aist (or Белый аист if you like cyrillic). Беларусь / Belarus is a country between Lithuania and Ukraine.
Whoops11 Sep 2017 09:21
That is what you get when you don't speak, read Russian, and rely on the internet to try to show off... :-) belja aist is what the Estonians called if it not valge roonekurg. The embarrased author thanks you.
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