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Anu26 Aug 2017 20:56
Good to read about the truth and honesty that has been lacking at the Estonian House Shareholder's meetings and that someone has the courage to set things right in the name of the Estonians who are older, more timid and who fear speaking in public. I applaud you and will support Friends of Estonian House again and so do my friends and family. Bravo, Väino Keelmann.
Linda02 Sep 2017 08:05
It's certainly arouses suspicion as to why certain people seem to be pushing so hard to get rid of the current Eesti Maja and get something new built. As an historic building, it's very much worth preserving, and if the basic structure is still sound, it's very much worth keeping and renovating as necessary. So thank you, Väino, for stepping up and taking this on!
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