The Estonian House sale is NOT a DONE DEAL!
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On the topic of openness11 Aug 2017 13:59
Who is "Friends of Estonian House?"

I know the Estonian House board is elected transparently at a shareholder meeting with the results of the vote publicized in the papers.

Who is on the Board of the Friends, who are the members and how was their Board elected/appointed? How do they fund themselves - donations, etc?
Honest12 Aug 2017 11:09
What's with the sarcasm always. Can you not answer these questions without being a mean "us-not-them" personality. Stop being negative to each other and search your heart of hearts for a right answer. Why not answer the question on how did the 3 organizations get so many shares? Where they purchased? Where they donated to them? That's the questions on the smart lists.
Vanemad13 Aug 2017 09:37
An introduction letter will be posted within the coming week outlining the members of "Friends of Estonians on Broadview" dba friends of estonian house (eesti maja sobrad). We are looking forward to working together with the Estonian community to preserve and support our heritage, culture and beloved Estonian House. Regards, Secretary.
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