The MRP, more than just Nazi-Soviet Collusion, that launched World War II Estonian life
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puzzled08 Aug 2017 08:51
Who is "Mengels"?
where?09 Aug 2017 09:00
is the discussion about the soviet treaties with england and france in the 1930s - which obviously impacted how soviet russia was treated vis a vis nazi germany
As usual10 Aug 2017 22:31
Count on the whackos and wingnuts to come out of the woodwork with their nonsensical comments masquerading as insight. The "EWR special" sadly.

Thank you to Laas as always for reminding us that these two dictatorships divided Eastern Europe and collaborated to occupy our homeland. We will not forget, nor allow others to.
thanks13 Aug 2017 09:17
as usual ... didn't know that you were a history professor and that only the soviets and nazis decided the fate for eastern europe
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