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better to be out of the eu!20 Jul 2017 14:15
Jean-Claude Juncker’s deputy told reporters.
“These laws would have a very significant negative impact on the independence of the judiciary and would increase the systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland,”

... in other words, the elected representatives should not be making the laws, rather the unelected, easily manipulated judges should be making the laws, just like in Canada, otherwise how would you get a 'homo marriage is ok' law in Poland?
figure it out ...25 Jul 2017 09:48
The head of the former gov was Donald Tusk, who now works as the president of European Council in Brussels. Many people mock him calling him the king of Europe. He is the traitor, always working against Poland, even now, the best friend of Merkel. Sold out most of Polish industry; whatever was worth anything he sold it for pennies.


Let us remember, the airplane that went down with close to 100 nationalist Poles at Smolensk in April 2010 did not include then Prime Minister Tusk - the european union favorite to lead Poland, as opposed to any of the nationalists who perished.

"January 2010 - Donald Tusk, a sure favorite in the upcoming presidential elections, suddenly withdraws his candidacy. He explains it with his desire to remain at the post of the Prime Minister, citing meager powers available to the president. Commenting on Tusk's decisions, on March 31, 2010, Zyta Gilowska, former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland said: "This charade [...] has a hidden component, [and there is ] some sort of mystery [to it]."

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