There May be an Ethnic Card to Be Played in Lithuania But It isn’t Russian, Commentator Suggests
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Brian Ghilliotti23 Jul 2017 18:51
The current ruling right coalition in Latvia consists a group of eurosceptic parties (they want EU/NATO protections yet they do not want to go along the other EU's agendas that they will be forced to accept, just like Poland right now), center right parties supportive of the EU, and far right Latvian nationalist parties. The left wing opposition consists of left wing parties and Russian interest parties that are willing to work with these left wing parties. If there is a break in the fragile ruling right wing coalition of parties (I suspect it will be the eurosceptic parties that will be the first to break away), this could give the Latvian left the opportunity to get an edge on power and create a new ruling coalition in Latvia. The Latvian nationalists parties will not be too happy about this, and we could very well see unrest directed toward Russians and other minorities if it looks as if the Russian and minority parties will be part of a new ruling coalition. This will force the EU/NATO anti-Russian trip wire in the country to basically act as peacekeepers, *protecting Russian minorities*. Despite this, Russia will be conveniently blamed for this potential unrest cycle, and the wheels of conflict will spiral faster as more Russians are targeted.

Though the article is about Lithuania, and my comment is about Latvia, I suspect that the political background in all three Baltic nations is somewhat similar. It is a question of which Baltic nation succumbs to this pattern of unrest first. Brian Ghilliotti
time for more EU exits!03 Aug 2017 09:05
Nationalist governments in the countries between Germany and Russia can not be tolerated by the EU or Russia because they may not comply with the globalist/communist playbook. Witness Estonia's EU/USA compliant lapdog governments while Ilves was resident, and how Poland's nationalists were killed at Smolensk in April 2010 to be replaced by EU lapdog/beggar Tusk and sycophants. Now Tusk and crew are trying to prevent the new duly elected Polish nationalist government from carrying out its program which is in defiance of the EU islamification of Europe.

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