Madison Project “Due Diligence” Part 2
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De Grassi Street29 Jun 2017 06:17
I wonder how a 29 storey building right next to a subway can get built.....

Doesn't it make one wonder about all those other buildings along Bloor, Yonge too? I guess none of those buildings took the subway into consideration either.
Why build on Madison?09 Jul 2017 15:18
Why are we building on Madison? We will be building in a space that will constrict our community's activity and future. I have heard younger community members say that they will not be making regular use of a new building on Madison because of the congestion.

What are other options? I'm starting to warm up to a joint building option adjacent to the Latvian centre on Credit Union Drive, though I would really prefer that a spanking new building be created at the Broadview site -- but apparently we have no money for that.

Thank you Allan, for your due diligence work. Though the 4 orgs won't acknowledge it, they are no doubt secretly thankful.
Aug 19 2017 - Muskokas
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