Madison Project “Due Diligence” Part 2
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De Grassi Street29 Jun 2017 06:17
I wonder how a 29 storey building right next to a subway can get built.....

Doesn't it make one wonder about all those other buildings along Bloor, Yonge too? I guess none of those buildings took the subway into consideration either.
Why build on Madison?09 Jul 2017 15:18
Why are we building on Madison? We will be building in a space that will constrict our community's activity and future. I have heard younger community members say that they will not be making regular use of a new building on Madison because of the congestion.

What are other options? I'm starting to warm up to a joint building option adjacent to the Latvian centre on Credit Union Drive, though I would really prefer that a spanking new building be created at the Broadview site -- but apparently we have no money for that.

Thank you Allan, for your due diligence work. Though the 4 orgs won't acknowledge it, they are no doubt secretly thankful.
equally grateful21 Jul 2017 09:32
...for the facts. Curious why the 4 orgs don't want to share all the facts and be completely transparent as one would expect any org with such power and clout these days to be. And curious why an in-depth user-analysis / needs-assessment for the community is not being considered as a prerequisite to any plan being pursued. Someone mentioned oligarchy in the past, sadly...
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