Man in hospital after shooting at possible future home of Estonian House
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$8 Big in unmarked bills...19 Jun 2017 21:06
He thought he was buying a parking lot...
Rohkem informatsiooni19 Jun 2017 22:25
lugeja20 Jun 2017 05:24
I don't recall this sort of thing happening near our current home. Could this be a sign?
muscle20 Jun 2017 07:23
Perps know to keep away from 958 Broadview. They know they are outgunned and get their asses whooped.
pauk20 Jun 2017 07:54
the benefits of the 'lasketiir'
Range20 Jun 2017 12:01
Firearms make everyone safer, it has been demonstrated through studies. I don't violent crime happening around Eesti Maja.
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Evi Vahtra26 Jun 2017 10:49
There was an armed robbery on our current facility quite a long time ago.
Jaak Järve20 Jun 2017 08:43
I wonder if this shooting incident will be addressed in the due diligence process conducted by the Estonian House Board. I pray that the due diligence process considers all potential consequences of selling the Estonian House and relocating to the Madison parking lot. I would hate to see the due diligence process focus only on the financial, economic and sustainability plans for the Estonian Credit Union, Estonian Foundation of Canada and the Tartu College legacy founded by Elmar Tampõld. Surely the due diligence process will be able to anticipate and forecast the consequences of such a move for the diminishing Estonian community at large, considering key socio-cultural issues such as family and children's safety, maintaining and promoting Estonia's rich historical and cultural heritage. I am distraught that this plan to sell the Estonian House, which has become an iconic meeting place and symbolic hub of the Toronto Estonian community will be traded in for a glass and cement museum/rental facility to honour the contributions of the past Estonian immigrant population in Canada. This is a red flag for our community. We have to start thinking outside of the box, and look to the future not exert all our efforts to embrace the past. I will re-state my earlier recommendation, that the current Estonian House board should be fired for gross negligence for allowing the Estonian House to fall into disarray over the past ten years. A new board should be elected which will have a mandate to preserve the Estonian House (whatever the cost). The new board will have four key tasks to start with. A) Fix the roof B) Hire a bar/cafe operator C) Keep the E-STore open at all business hours D) Hire an events/fundraising manager for the Estonian House. It's the people that make a community, not the buildings. We are a small tribe compared to other bigger tribes. But we are resilient. We are resilient because we protect the language, culture and family. The 4 orgs have created a very serious divide in our community over the past ten years. Estonia is celebrating it's 100th anniversary of independence next year, and we in Toronto will be planning to sell the Estonian House and move to the Madison Museum. Let's not just make a tough decison (like George Bush would say)...let's make the right decision. Elagu vaba Eesti!
lugeja21 Jun 2017 05:28
We're a big tribe compared to the Esto communities in NY, Chicago,etc. but we seem to be stagnating. I'm often hearing about interesting performers from Eesti appearing in those cities and wonder why not Toronto? Now I hear Ivo Linna will be performing at Lääneranniku Eesti Päevad (just a rumour perhaps?) and try to remember when was the last time someone of note performed in our neck of the woods (Tanel Padar?). It was only Monday that Seedrioru updated their web page with info about this year's Suvihari, I guess that's not surprising as there's nothing much to tell people - does the same old volleyball and polka band make people want to go? I agree with you Jaak, the board has been negligent but maybe it doesn't matter anyway, if nothing is happening in our society, does it really matter where it "happens"? Oops, I forgot. There's still the Christmas party, not that anything interesting happens there but at least some people still show up. Those numbers also seem to be falling every year but I digress ...
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RGB21 Jun 2017 08:08
No offense but this is pretty hard to take seriously when the very same paragraph says:
1) it is the people not the structures that matter
2) nonetheless the EM structure must be saved no matter what the cost
3) the board is being fiscally incompetent by not saving the structure at any cost
This whole comment like many others is pure emotion.

As for the "lugeja" might I propose that you become a "tegija"? Sorry if you are. Just sick and tired of people acting like clients (I don't like what YOU OTHER PEOPLE in the community are organizing for me, you don't understand my needs and interests.) With maybe a handful of exceptions it isn't anyone's paid job to organize anything. For God's sakes we are a community. And by the way I agree with many of your points but not with the tone!
dh21 Jun 2017 19:39
Jaak Järve you are beating a dead horse.
Right to carry20 Jun 2017 11:40
If open carry laws were in effect, I'll bet this never would have happened. But Trudeau would never allow that!
lugeja20 Jun 2017 12:08
Right. Because open carry laws have done wonders to prevent gun violence.
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Trull20 Jun 2017 12:45
Wasn't there an armed robbery of a charity casino at the Eesti Maja a while back?

The lasketiir certainly hasn't prevented "perps" from breaking into cars in the 958 Broadview lot.
Never Happened!21 Jun 2017 15:54
False News! More lies from the so-called "Media". If anyone got shot, which he didn't, he was a very very bad guy. All the EM needs is a nice new wall around the perimeter of the property, with sentry towers at the corners. We'll make the Russians pay for it -- easy as pie: we contract the Trump Group to build it and then stiff 'em for the bill.

Once the wall is up and armed sentries posted, we stop paying taxes. Problem solved. End of story. And shut up already. I'm not listening unless you agree with me.
voter20 Jun 2017 21:53
Jaak, well done! Why are the 3-Orgs+1 pushing the impossible? Why do they want to destroy the EH and the community?? Who is really benefiting most of this foul deal? It is time to stop this nonsense and get on with fixing up the Broadview EH for our community's use! Elagu Eesti!
Sadly21 Jun 2017 05:40
sadly we are out voted.

so... the group that gathered knew their strength of votes...

no one can buy more unless elected tot he board.. that last part was created so as to enable the new board members
voter21 Jun 2017 09:23
Estonian Credit Union and Estonian Foundation of Canada are both the creation of Estonian community and existing only because of the Estonian community. Why then are they trying to destroy it by voting against the EH. and Estonian community? It is a general rule that no one can vote in which he has a direct personal or financial interest. Credit Unions are "not for profit" because their purpose is to serve their members rather than to maximize profits.
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lugeja to RGB21 Jun 2017 10:34
I'm sorry you're offended by my tone, I promise you didn't mean to offend anyone.

I'm baffled by this comment though:

I don't like what YOU OTHER PEOPLE in the community are organizing for me, you don't understand my needs and interests.

Do you really think that this is about me? Do you think that I'm only one who would be much more interested in seeing Ivo Linna perform (or Marko Matvere as another example) than in seeing a polka band? Is a polka band really your personal preference? Rest assured that I am not the only one who would be excited to see something different, in fact what prompted me to comment on this in the first place was conversations I have had recently with other people who like me wonder - why is it that these exciting things are happening in other cities with Esto communities much smaller than ours but not here?

As far as me being "a tegija" goes - I have certainly made a contribution over the years but even if I hadn't, does that justify the response which is basically "why don't you do it yourself"?
Is the Esto community in Toronto so lacking in energy and motivation that if I don't organize something, nobody else will?

Maybe that is the case and if it is, that's fine. Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy these and other performers when I visit Eesti so if an interesting event does or doesn't take place in Toronto, it won't have that big an effect on me personally. I do think it's a shame though that our Toronto community does seem to be somewhat stagnant when compared to some other (smaller) cities and I do find that strange. You did say you agree with many of my points - I'm glad to hear that, perhaps you have some inkling of why things are the way they are?

Again, I'm not criticizing anyone, it is what it is and I'm grateful when people organize anything, even if it the same old same old. I'm just wondering - what is it that Esto communities in other cities have that we don't? It wasn't always this way - I can still remember the Esto house being packed for Marko Matvere's band, that was many years ago though and Marko performed in NY just this spring.

Regarding what Jaak said:
1) it is the people not the structures that matter
2) nonetheless the EM structure must be saved no matter what the cost

Not to speak for Jaak but I can only guess he's referring to the tone of some of the "pro-Madison" articles -
that it's important to have a modern building in downtown etc., a place that is a draw on it's own and the fact that it's an Esto destination is just the "cherry on top". Paraphrasing here so forgive me if the details aren't 100% accurate but I think I more or less captured the tone and I think what Jaak is saying is that a cool modern building downtown isn't what's really important. I agree with him on that count (though I think he does go a bit too far with the "whatever the costs" part). And also agree about the incompetence of the board, definitely some trust has been eroded there.
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Building onto Latvian House28 Jun 2017 07:48
As architect and former Torontonian Lembit Tork suggested in a comment to another article, what if Estos built adjacent to the Latvian House?

The main beef seems to be that the community doesn't want to go into the crush of traffic in the Spadina/Bloor area for an Esto House on Madison, whether they are young or old.

We could sell 958 Broadview and build a culture "incubator" (I think Lembit called it) attached to the Latvian House. They have plenty of land to build on, parking can go underground, if necessary. What do others think? Or are we totally attached to the 958 Broadview property? Eglinton is having a subway built, so I believe it will run right by the Latvian House/Estonian House. Any thoughts?

Though I love the Madison design, I do not have faith in building above a Subway system (that can't be good for the structure) and I don't want to lose people who will not come downtown. Furthermore, I don't think the 4org team has their ducks in a row regarding sustainability of the planned house on Madison -- I can't see this happening with a smaller footprint and fewer rooms for our community.

With the Madison option, we will most likely end up with the situation in New York -- they have their Estonian House downtown with expensive parking. NYorker Estonians often chose whether they will come into town for a Saturday event or another Sunday event, but most will not go through the hassle and expense of coming to two events. With the Madison build, we will be choosing such a future, I'm afraid.
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