Mati SULEV February 26, 1941-May 10, 2017
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Allan Meiusi17 May 2017 19:54
One of the best men I've ever met and a great teacher. I haven't known a student of Mati's that could ever say a bad thing about him. Classy and a real gentleman. One heck of a player and always took the time to introduce his students to great music.
in sympathy21 May 2017 20:10
A man of compassion and foresight. I am touched by his support for the Toronto Wildlife Centre. I would have liked to have known Mati Sulev.

Family and friends might know and appreciate the following. As Toronto restores and protects its green spaces, thought should be given too to wildlife:

"In enhancing the identity and reputation of this city we must look not just to the criteria forged in days gone by, where vibrant nightlife, a stock exchange, and a major league sports franchise were enough to earn you the moniker of World Class City. In an era of green bins & green roofs, in the face of Climate Change, we will be judged as World Class not merely by the quality of life and opportunity enjoyed by our citizens, but by all life in this city; not only by the height of our skyscrapers but the height of our trees; not just by the diversity of our festivals, but the diversity of our species; not just by our built environment, but by our natural environment; not just by the way we work together, but by the way we work with all of nature."

Jason Ramsay-Brown
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