Subject: 958 Broadview Avenue Estonian Life
Kommentaarid on kirjutatud EWR lugejate poolt. Nende sisu ei pruugi ühtida EWR toimetuse seisukohtadega.
Lugeja14 May 2017 18:20
Ühise balti keskuse rajamine koos lätlastega oli üks variant, mis oli esialgse EM2 arutelu jooksul kaalutletud. Kas keegi oskab seletada miks sel ajal sai see variant kõrvaldatud?
:14 May 2017 18:30
see sai kõrvaldatud, kuna developeriga leping tundus olema palju parem. "Oma tuba, oma luba" ja kõik see muu värk.

Aga see oleks tõesti vaja uuesti päevakorda võtta, asukoht on palju parem kui Madisoni peal.
!15 May 2017 09:02
peaks korralikult uurima kõik võimalused
No way16 May 2017 09:56
No way that this could happen as the Estonians and Latvians cannot get along. Oh, wait, there was Vana Andres church...............never mind.
don't make up things16 May 2017 10:05
The Estonian and Latvian congregations got along very well.
Unistaja16 May 2017 10:04
Kas see ei tähenda armastatud Eesti Maja müüki, millega üks osa sugugi rahul pole? Ja kas tõesti on nii väga vaja pigem lätlastega ühineda, selle asemel et eestluse vankrit koos teiste eestlastega vedada?
Kaaluja18 May 2017 06:39
Elu Madison hoones oleks VÄGA PIIRATUD (ei tundu olevat majandatav; kiire elu ei meeldi vanuritele, kelle hulka varsti kuuluvad paljud praegu veel-mitte-vanurid selle aja peal kui maja saab ehitatud; ühe suunaline tee Madisonil; kaugel elajatele kohale tulek raskustega seotud; parklat ei ole).

Lati Maja ja Eesti Maja juures oleks ruumi vabalt juurde ehitada.
To Kaaluja18 May 2017 08:50
To me the concrete terrace over the subway lines of the Madison proposal adds very little value unless it can one day be encased in glass.

It would serve better as a laneway to the neigbouring parking lot to the east with access to Huron. Something that could offer drop-off/ pickup space and an alternative exit from the Bloor/Madison intersection.
Good idea18 May 2017 20:03
It makes a lot of sense to join forces with the Latvian Centre. Solves the parking issue, it is close to both the Eglinton RT and the DVP/401, the building does not have serious restrictions or heritage designations if expansion is needed, and the community would be enriched. Latvians are our closest relatives genetically even!
Kaaluja19 May 2017 06:15
I have also hear that we have the same genes at Latvians, that they took another language for their own ... it was on a Vikerraadio program.
Karl Otsa19 May 2017 10:00
Just wondering.

Aren't the Estonians organizing the "Madisoni Projekt" EXACTLY of the same genetic makeup of those Estonians of Eesti Maja?
exactly19 May 2017 11:32
Yes, but Madison would leave a good number of members behind from the "exactly" group, aka Estonians. Madison is like an exclusive club, not for everyone.

People being left behind:
- commuters who don't want to battle Bloor St traffic
- elderly who don't want to deal with the fast pace of the area
- people needing to park close to the the facility (with health issues, etc.)

I'm of the "don't leave one of ours behind" mentality.

Furthermore, it defies logic how the Madison building can sustain itself -- it's a small building and has few rooms to rent to the public and has storage issues. It does not make long term sense.

Madison is like a tight glass slipper that is stunningly beautiful, but pinches.
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Karl Otsa19 May 2017 16:19
to: Kaaluja (exactly) & Good Idea

For those who are complaining about parking, what do you think people pay for parking nearby the NY Estonian House? What about the Estonian Embassy in Washington, DC? These are probably the 2 MOST EXPENSIVE parking areas in North America. If the participants at those 2 locations can pay for parking how can you justify DEMANDING free parking. How many families in the early days of Eesti Kool at the current Eesti Maja even owned cars?

I occasionally took my son to lasteaed by GO Train and TTC, it helped that Eedu loved trains but we did it numerous times. Unless you have a half dozen or more, does driving a mini school bus to Eesti Maja on Broadview become make sense. If you can afford to drive kids into Eesti kool you can afford to take public transit. I'm sure if there was a move to TC parents could and would make arrangements for dropping kids off at the door just like at you home public school, and the security would be JUST as competent.

FYI - while I was living near Buffalo, NY, I joined a korpororatsioon
and was even an eesimees. Meetings were conducted on Friday nights and started at 1830. I was late for only one meeting due to a car fire on the QEW. It's as if NO-ONE in Canada had seen a car fire???

Later on my akadeemiline poeg drove up from Baltimore, MD and he too rarely missed a meeting.

Seedrioru Suvihari peaked in 1972 with several THOUSANDS of attendees. Now IF we are lucky several hundred attend. The parking hasn't changed, the location is EXACTLY the same, the facilities have gotten better but attendance has dropped DRAMATICALLY.

Attendances at all three camps (Seedrioru, JK, KJ) have also dropped dramatically! Have they moved? Haven't their facilities ALL been IMPROVED? Yet their parking is still free......... and you are worried about nearby parking or an additional 10-20 minute commute?

I completely understand about the elderly and handicapped, but if they can't walk that distance from parking or TTC, aren't they creating a "bigger concern" on the roads?

IF you haven't been keeping up with how our Latvian "genetic relatives" or Lithuanian houses are getting on, they too are facing financial difficulties.

What is so wrong or horrible with finding out what the Madisoni Projekt may hold?

If there is a will there is a way, but to claim parking or 15 minute longer drive is going to keep someone away from an Estonian centre function, shouldn't they REALLY be asking themselves about exactly HOW devoted to Estonian culture are they?
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Good idea20 May 2017 16:47
Waiting around for what the Madison project will bring about actually just makes me think of the failed Hellenic Centre construction project in Scarborough that is now a half-finished Jain Centre. I imagine, that given the lack of experience of the board plus extreme challenges posed by the building restrictions (subway, public park space, and heritage house renovation) are a lethal combination and we are destined for bankruptcy. This is indeed possible. We could literally lose it all. See article in Globe and Mail

Joining forces with the Latvians would strengthen our numbers and bring back into the fold several who are curious about knowing more of the history and culture of our closest genetic relatives. We would not be in such a 'shrinking' dynamic. There would be renewed vitality.
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glass slipper...20 May 2017 23:01
...wintertime will be even worse, with all that outside unusable space
- fancy a skating rink for the vanurid?
- seems as though no one considered the needs of the community and yet no one sees this?
- seems like a case of the Emperor's New Clothes...

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