President Ilves andis president Bushile üle Maarjamaa Risti I klassi teenetemärgi DELFI
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ajalugu13 May 2017 10:40
Toomas Merilo15 May 2017 18:49
Lp hr "ajalugu"... wrong Bush. Your link refers to George H. W. Bush. The article is about his son, George W. Bush.
Toomas Merilo15 May 2017 18:56
Ja veel: The book was criticized by author David Neiwert, who noted:
Like most Larouche texts, the Bush "biography" is a mélange of fact and distortion, written in a highly suppositional style that makes numerous leaps of logic and asserts connections where there is no real evidence to support it, at other times omitting exculpatory or contrary information that reveals a more complete picture. Sifting through it requires a great deal of work, but there are nuggets of fact woven into their text that are substantiated and which deserve proper consideration.
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yale16 May 2017 09:54
skull and bones is skull and bones = working in the same hierarchy
ajalugu18 May 2017 12:18
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