Estonian House Special General Meeting a FIASCO!
Kommentaarid on kirjutatud EWR lugejate poolt. Nende sisu ei pruugi ühtida EWR toimetuse seisukohtadega.
TJA03 May 2017 15:09
Tule Jumal (ise) Appi ! Või veelgi parem, tellige omale asjatundlikut eksperiisi.
It is correct03 May 2017 19:34
These are may not like hearing it, but it is correct. This whole process has not followed any proper protocol. In fact, they change the rules "as deemed necessary". Immanuel Kent said it best: "if an action is not for everyone, it is not right for anyone".
to TJA04 May 2017 01:05
Lost in translation. Please translate your point into English?
interesting, but04 May 2017 06:30
"if a member is in the room and chooses not to vote" - AFAIK these 69 had left before the voting and were not in the room.
shareholder04 May 2017 12:44
No, they were in the room.
Jüri Maguire04 May 2017 08:33
"The EH has a property value of $8-10 million which we are the owners. Therefore there are sufficient funds available for repair, maintenance, and additions. The work will be done in phases as required to keep the EH open and operational at all times."

That's quite a leap. Is your plan to sell part of the property? Or is it for an unprofitable business dependent on charitable subsidies to acquire a loan? (I sincerely hope the ETCU isn't saddled with that one.) Or is the plan to squeeze +$10 million out of a shrinking community that refuses to pay for parking or rent?

Show me the money.
wannabe lawyer04 May 2017 09:51
Did the vote require two thirds of the members present or 2/3 of the votes cast?

In the usual situation, where either a majority vote or a two-thirds vote is required, abstentions have absolutely no effect on the outcome of the vote since what is required is either a majority or two thirds of the votes cast. On the other hand, if the vote required is a majority or two thirds of the members present, or a majority or two thirds of the entire membership, an abstention will have the same effect as a "no" vote. Even in such a case, however, an abstention is not a vote.
raccoon104 May 2017 11:03
Were there any spoiled ballots?
KHA04 May 2017 14:50
What's the point of being hyperbolic? "Fiasco", by its dictionary definition, implies a complete failure. Procedural nitpicking aside, from an observer's point of view, the meeting went as smoothly as could have been expected, especially given how high emotions have been running on both sides.

This kind of mudslinging only serves to dirty and diminish both sides of a community that nominally have the same interests at heart, namely the continuation and preservation of Estonian culture in Toronto.
EH Friendly Board...04 May 2017 15:29
I am not sure what "EH friendly board" is meant by the author. He appears to be confused. Nowhere in the corporation's constating documents is it stated that the facility must be on Broadview. Remember that there was the earlier Merton Street property. The corporation's object is to have a facility available to Estonians. Thus, having a property on Madison (providing the due diligence leads to this outcome) would be evidence of a EH friendly board. I think a great slate was voted in at the AGM. Let's be patient and let the due diligence process run its course.
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