Eesti Maja at the OMB
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Karl Otsa27 Apr 2017 10:45
Wow. Mr. Meiusi
lugeja27 Apr 2017 12:30
Considering the 66.9% vote the other night was a solid but not overwhelming majority and that one issue many had had was the lack of information re. the process over the last few years, it seems like a really good idea to keep the community informed as to how things are proceeding. When people are informed, they are more likely to feel included and therefore I'd say that this article is a welcome first step, and hopefully a sign of things to come. Thank you Allan, two thumbs up from me!
Alfons02 May 2017 12:40
Consider please that the majority of support was give by stakeholders on the project. With ECU eesti pank being a major shareholder it was a fait accompli. The little woman/man with but one share had no hope.
Thank you27 Apr 2017 16:06
Thank you Allan, for keeping the community up to date on what is going on at the OMB. Without your efforts, we would be totally in the dark. The EM board keeps this stuff secret.
Observer27 Apr 2017 22:15
This article presents good and relevant information. But I fear that Mr. Meiusi is using this as a wedge. He is not to be trusted. Things are not as they seem when a leader of conspirators suddenly seems neutral.
to - Observer28 Apr 2017 07:11
Meiusi is not as neutral as he might be. Note that he phrases this as a conflict between developers and their potential victims -- the nearby residents.
Why can't Eesti Maja's shareholders fit into Meiusi's ethical equation?
A pox on this rabble-rouser!
Justice delayed ...28 Apr 2017 07:27
... is justice denied!
Now, we can wait for a year! ... before proceeding to the next stage.
Why? Apart from providing more time to busybodies, with nothing to lose, to dream up new ways to further constipate this process.
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lugeja28 Apr 2017 09:56
He's the only one making information available. If you feel it would be more appropriate for this information to come from another source, perhaps you should ask them why they aren't the ones keeping us informed. Or would you prefer that the community be kept in the dark until the next town hall meeting is called a year (or years) from now?
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An observer28 Apr 2017 11:59
Two for two. Mr Meiusi's Act 1 was Ehatare/Abistamiskomitee. Act 2, EH/Madison. Neither pleasant to observe ....
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