Request for information pertaining to Toronto Estonian House
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Wow20 Apr 2017 08:26
I wish I had artistic skills, because I would love to draw a cartoon of Jaak Jarve, Heidi Kuus and the others stabbing Eestlus in the back.

Just when I thought things couldn't sink any lower.

I feel ashamed for you.
Tiiu Roiser21 Apr 2017 14:53
Really? Stabbing in the back? For asking questions and having a different point of view? Are we to applaud running head first into the unknown without seeking information? On behalf of the commenter, my apologies to those mentioned.
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Evi Vahtra20 Apr 2017 09:11
Tõsti häbi on.
Oleksite võinud olla osa lahendusest - see võttis ju aastaid.
Selle asemel on teil vaja PRAEGU hakata halama??
:20 Apr 2017 09:48
Protsess on jah võtnud aastaid, aga 3Orgs ettepanek tuli lagedale alles märtsis, ilma mingite oluliste detailideta, ilma tõsiseltvõetava plaanita.

Ja juba aprillis on vaja kohekohe hääletada praeguse EM müümise üle.
What's the harm?20 Apr 2017 10:23
The more information, the better, don't you think? Why are you ashmed that people want more information?
lugeja20 Apr 2017 10:55
I agree, nothing wrong with getting information. Is the attitude that if you haven't been a part of the process over the years, you have no right to ask questions?
Evi Vahtra20 Apr 2017 11:20
I'm not ashamed that people want answers - asking questions is always good.

Shareholders already have access to a lot of the information they are asking for in their bullying, threatening letter.

I'm ashamed that people have not cared enough to keep up with what is going on, and yet they NOW want to stop the process.

Do they forget that the shareholders have 3 times given juhatus a mandate to continue with over 90% of the votes??
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Ashamed20 Apr 2017 13:43
Requesting additional information is fine. In fact it is encouraged. Before the original Broadview development vote a few years ago, a similar group of shareholders posted in the papers an open letter with a request for information and the board responded by holding an open conference call where all questions were answered to the best of the boards ability.

What I find shameful is that this group of people have enlisted lawyers, leveling accusations of misconduct and conflicts of interest and are threatening legal action if they don't get their way.
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lugeja20 Apr 2017 11:59
Regarding the mandate with over 90% of the votes - forgive my ignorance but what constitutes this 90%? Does that mean 90% of people voting or are there large blocks of votes controlled by a smaller group?
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Residents20 Apr 2017 15:02
It is dangerous to assume that the community/City will support the sale of 9 Madison to the same group that is bullying the communit/City at the OMB. What will it look like if the City finds it politically untenable to sell 9 Madison ave?
Sad sad day20 Apr 2017 17:26
Sad day for our community and for the group that started with such a relatable cause that it brought a smile to all of our faces. Now it's gone way too far and there's no smile anymore. I don't think the "Friends" name is correct anymore. I doubt I'll bake any more for either for Sõbrad or Aken kohvik. Probably won't have the desire to help with the bazaar either. This has gone too far. Stop it.
Sad20 Apr 2017 18:39
Agreed, healthy debate is a good thing. This is taking things to a whole new low and is doing nothing but hurting the community and our volunteers, I wouldn't blame them if they just said screw it and all quit. Who needs this hardship and pain when volunteering
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Relieved20 Apr 2017 21:05
...good job, Jaak and shareholders! No one should have any concerns with providing the necessary supporting documentation if everything is rightfully in order.
Concerned shareholder20 Apr 2017 21:43
We should all applaud this request in the name of transparency.
Esto20 Apr 2017 21:58
In full support of getting full disclosure of all info. Well done!
About time20 Apr 2017 22:06
$10,000,000+ is at stake, best we all know 100% how it will be spent and what the option(s) are. Please provide the full details. Hate to lose the Esto House on bad decision making. Come on tell us all what's up.
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voter21 Apr 2017 10:33
Well done. Love the Friends of Estonian House ! EH Board of directors, just get on with it and provide the requested info - you should have it. You should know what you are doing ? Or maybe NOT?
how dramatic-did they even ask21 Apr 2017 13:05
These people want more info - i would like to see the record of them asking and getting denied, then i might understand where they are coming from. I am sure they have a very detailed record of this - if they would go so far as getting a lawyer. So please show the community how you have been wronged.
to dramatic21 Apr 2017 13:33
It’s pretty simple: people are asking how will the money be spent, on what and where? Why is this so offensive?
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anuann22 Apr 2017 11:23
I have been at Eesti Kodu shareholders meetings and taken issue with the Board's bullying ways and was told to take a seat or another time when asking a question was told there was no answer. So, yes, we have seen people who queried info and were told that it has already been mentioned, when it had not.
Tiiu Roiser21 Apr 2017 14:49
Bravo to the brave who wrote the letter simply asking for more information. This is a big decision and these people are now being ridiculed for being cautions and asking questions? I guess I'll be next, for I stand with them.

Why a letter from a lawyer? Sadly, it takes a letter from a lawyer these days to get attention.

Opportunity to ask before? The last meeting, while very informative, lasted far too long and repeated information already known. Time was limited, although I don't know why, and one of the people in the letter stood in line trying to ask a question. She was not allowed to ask. With such a large gathering of people, why could all questions not be entertained?

There have been other meetings where questions were asked and the responses were that "this will not be discussed at this time". This leaves the community with questions rather than a feeling that their opinion is respected and that their concerns are being addressed. Many months have passed and a new idea is thrown at the community. We are given only a couple of weeks before a vote. Why were we not told of ideas & plans sooner? Why has there already been talk with the city about the purchase of the parking lot on Madison and building proposals, prior to our own community being told about this. For those of us not in the loop, it raises eyebrows and concerns. It is no wonder this group is asking for more information.

I do not have the answers regarding the best way to proceed, but I'm wondering if we can't redevelop our own EM asset. There are many people in our own community with deep pockets and money to invest. Why can't we be our own developers and add to a historic building and develop something that some of those writing articles would be proud to bring his friends and associates to? Why, in what is in my opinion a far better location, and yes, parking is important, can't we develop the destination place he further speaks of. Broadview is much easier to access to those of us coming from out of town than the downtown Madison location.

My two cents - for what they are worth - I'm voting no Madison.
to Tiiu Roiser21 Apr 2017 19:59
Kudos to you for speaking up and sharing what many suspect is the real truth.
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anuann22 Apr 2017 11:28
In comment to Board of Eesti Maja re issues with Board meetings, not Eesti Kodu Board!..My error!
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To anuann22 Apr 2017 11:39
On the bullying subject I also had the Silvia Vaikla email (referenced in a separate article's comments) land in my email inbox. Ellen Valter replied in bold, red, capital letters. She is the Chair of the Board of ETCU. Say no more.
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Toomas Merilo22 Apr 2017 14:34
First off, I would like to thank those that have contributed their thoughts and have done so openly. I am, however, puzzled at those that present their thoughts anonymously. What gives? If you care about something you can't remain anonymous. Only those who seek to undermine something require the shadows.
lugeja24 Apr 2017 15:19
There are many reasons someone may wish to remain anonymous, in fact that's the way most internet forums work. I'm sure there are pluses and minuses to both posting anonymously and posting under one's name but perhaps this isn't the time and place for that debate. One definite plus of anonymity in my humble opinion is that people are unable to prejudge opinions based on who's voicing them (a definite issue in the Toronto Esto community based on my experience). If you have an opinion to offer on this very important issue facing us all then why not share it? If you don't have any thoughts to share that's fine too but accusing those posting of trying to undermine things hardly helps matters. I for one would like to thank everyone who's offered their thoughts as there are many unanswered questions and I appreciate all input, anonymous or not.
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Shake up the elite24 Apr 2017 10:09
I don’t blame anyone for posting anonymously. Walking away from 985 Broadview has become a divisive issue in our community and has led to a lot of passionate debate. When one does not agree with the members of the boards of the organizations pushing for this move, you are derisively attacked. Even if you are passionately just asking questions you are met with a response in ALL CAPS; IN RED EVEN. The board members could be more sensitive in their communications. They like to ascribe to themselves as the ones having superior SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE … EXPERTISE. Yet, they take no responsibility or accountability to bringing us “within one capital failure away from bankruptcy”. Shares in Eesti Maja that I inherited were from someone who valued all the users of Eesti Maja. Their share entitled them to a say. Unfortunately one man, one vote does not apply in this case. Members of the board appear to be making an extra effort to influence those organizations and individuals with large blocks of shares. Even if you are one person, even if you are not a shareholder, I urge you to speak out. The irony is that I think the move is the best under the circumstances but I don’t like how this process has been carried out. I don’t like that we ended up here having to make this unpalatable move. The board members are paternalistic. They need to be shook up. They need to listen, not dictate.
lugeja25 Apr 2017 06:32
I was thinking similar thoughts - it would be sadly ironic if the move to Madison was indeed the best plan, but didn't get the necessary votes because of the lack of transparency and cringe-worthy tactics employed by the board.
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K. E. Carr April 201625 Apr 2017 07:44
Oligarchy means the rule of the few, and those few are generally the people who are richer and more powerful than the others, what you might call the aristocrats or the nobles. These are not always men: just as monarchies have both kings and queens, women sometimes appear in councils of aristocrats, and even when they are not members, they are often there telling their husbands or their sons what to do. So oligarchies are generally bad for the poor, but they are pretty good for women, at least for rich women from powerful families.
Usually the way an oligarchy works is that there is a group of people who are in charge, somehow. Sometimes they may be elected, and sometimes they are born into their position, and at other times you might have to have a certain amount of money or land in order to be in the council. Then this group of people meets every so often - every week or every month - to decide important questions, and to appoint somebody to deal with things.
to Carr25 Apr 2017 12:47
If your talking about H. Kuus, then say so...she has spent 25 years building a company together with Ronald Kuus. A very successful company. You should be proud of that success not be jealous of it.
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