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tacit assumptions14 Apr 2017 09:04
(1) Developers are "the enemy of the people".
(2) Local resident, Chris Williams, should have the last word on how we, Estonians, should be allowed to spend our own money.
(3) Meiusi, although Estonian, will not be putting any of his own money toward Estonian projects.
Unasked questions14 Apr 2017 13:45
"Mr. Williams, would you support a special levy of $50,000 on each homeowner in the neighbourhood to fund the redevelopment of the Estonian House as a six-storey community space, so that the greedy developers can be kept at bay?"
$50k cheque14 Apr 2017 18:50
I guess Annex residents can fork over their $100k levy for the glass museum and art gallery on Madison.
Vaata narre!15 Apr 2017 10:28
So, a neighbourhood resident thinks that his opinion trumps all! And Meisi nods reverently.
For their information, restoring this old schoolhouse to its original condition would render it useless to the Estonian community's purposes.
Jaak Järve15 Apr 2017 16:07
This whole thing about Eesti Maja dying reminds me of the skit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Just too funny and tragic at the same time.
The Broadview Hotel22 Apr 2017 10:04
As Chris Williams noted in the interview, Jilly’s is now the renovated Broadview Hotel. According to Williams, the renovated building was built in the same year as the Chester Hill School House. The poor condition of the building and vision to renew precipitated the reno.

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