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Options13 Apr 2017 11:51
"There are great options available to the Estonian community for continuing with the existing location for the Estonian House."

The problem is, the only option that has come to the fore is a new coat of paint. That kind of thinking makes the square footage debates moot and puts us at risk of having no community centre, at all.
We need a leader02 May 2017 07:35
I agree with you 100%. We need someone of quality to step up and lead the charge for a renewal of the old House (I would like to see us gut the old house and add a few floors) – build a renewed and true centre built by and for ALL the community.

Who will be the brave person who will commit to see this project through? He or she will need a dedicated team of experienced professionals. I think that if a respected person of quality, logic and conviction steps up, the community will also rise up to support this venture with both enthusiasm, their personal time and more importantly WITH THEIR MONEY . I would, wouldn’t you? I unfortunately don’t know anything about restructuring a building, so I don’t qualify. That the support is there is apparent from the number of people who showed up to vote "no" to the Madison option.

Where does Tõnu Altosaar stand on this issue? I respect his opinion and his extensive experience.
Supportive of Madison ...13 Apr 2017 12:18
I frankly am fed up of the casting of stones. Let's work together on a new home. Let's remember that Kongats has won numerous awards (3 Governor General awards plus others). Could hr Laikve please list his? The 3Orgs have a proposal. There are no others currently. Let's get on with it. The community commitment is needed before the 3Orgs spend additional funds, including on detailed architectural renderings. I read the resolution the EH sent to its shareholders.
request02 May 2017 07:35
Can someone please identify the buildings (and their initial budgets and final costs) for which Mr. Kongats won his awards. It may give some EM @ Madison fencesitters more confidence.
Madis Kreem13 Apr 2017 19:52
Very well thought and experienced analysis with some excellent better alternatives! Financing of these phased reno proposals would need further discussion.
Henry H. Kivi15 Apr 2017 08:39
Finally a comprehensive summary of the present situation. Staying at Broadview makes sense. The Madison Ave. site not at all.
Difficult to comprehend....01 May 2017 17:50
Thanks for your experienced analysis, Hr Laikve. Still trying to comprehend how anyone could have voted for Madison when its pitfalls are so apparent....
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