Public Meeting Regarding Estonian House on April 26th +3docs.
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confused12 Apr 2017 20:34
I remember on October 2015 the Board clearly stated that the deal with Alterra was dead, so why is Alterra going together with Eesti Maja to the OMB?
observer13 Apr 2017 08:34
Can it be that Allan's article may have some credibility? It would appear so...
we as shareholders need to re-evaluate the extend of information we are getting and start asking some hard questions.
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ROI13 Apr 2017 06:05
I just received the Special and General Meeting announcement for the 25th meeting, the very first point "A" says, the deal with Alterra was terminated. It is very expensive to do an OMB application and go before the OMB committee, why would Alterra spend all this money if they have been "terminated"? What is Alterra going to get out of this deal? Why has EH Board saying their dealings with Alterra is terminated?
Jon13 Apr 2017 07:12
I want to know what promises the EH board has made to Alterra. This information about the OMB, Alterra, and the Board is very worrisome.
concerned sharholder13 Apr 2017 08:18
Has EHB already pre-sold Estonian House to Alterra - why else would Alterra put out money towards the OMB?
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Evi Vahtra13 Apr 2017 12:15
The title is a bit misleading.
First sentence of the article reads, "meeting regarding the Broadview Avenue Planning Study is being held"

NOT Estonian House.

Look at the dates on the documents.
The deal with Alterra was still on the table at that point, and Estonian House and Alterra both had interest in increasing the height allowance.

Could someone please go to the OMB meeting and report back on the secret protocols? ;) :)
Allan Meiusi13 Apr 2017 12:27
I appreciate your comment. The documents were acquired last week and yes they were submitted in 2016. However, there is no document in the OMB file which discusses the termination of the cooperative work between Estonian House Limited and Alterra. So if there was a step missed, perhaps that should have been clarified to the residents' associations, the City and other stakeholders. Perhaps the OMB should have been notified, don't you think?
Peeter13 Apr 2017 12:28
If we vote to sell EM will the listing process be open and transparent without bias to any prospective buyers?
arhitekt17 Apr 2017 10:52
Meiusi doesn't report that the meeting WAS held on April 26, 2016. It is over. Why doesn't he report the minutes of that meeting rather than try to sow confusion with ambiguous dates and incorrect grammar. There is nothing in these documents that indicate that there is an ongoing relationship between Alterra and EM. Do not let this snake hijack the agenda.
:17 Apr 2017 11:04
The meeting will be on Apr 26, 2017
Allan Meiusi17 Apr 2017 20:17
Would Alterra necessarily be named as an Appellant in this case? Probably not, since Alterra are not yet an owner of the property at 958 Broadview. Are Alterra named in documents supporting the appeal on behalf of The Estonian House in Toronto Limited? Yes, the documents are provided. Lastly, on the issue of the statement: "Corrected facts: Alterra Development Group is not involved with the meeting about the Broadview Avenue Planning Study." Absolutely, that may be the case; however, a question still remains. If Alterra is no longer part of Estonian House's appeal to the OMB then why are the supplemental documents naming Alterra still included in the OMB file regarding the case? On Page 6, Point [16], of the document that Eesti Elu has pointed to and is seen from the link provided ( ) it is clearly stated: "[16] A person wishing to change written evidence, including witness statements, must make a written motion to the Board in accordance with the Board's Rules [34 to 38]." As of April 7th, 2017, no such motion was included in the file at the OMB offices that was available for public review. On April 10th, 2017, the file was closed to the OMB Panel. As of the last representations made to the OMB and the opponents before the hearing date, the appeals are continuing with Gordian Foods Limited, The Estonian House in Toronto Limited and The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada as Appellants. Their individual supporting records, witness submissions and other evidence remains as well. What we seem to have, as of February 16th, is confirmation that The Estonian House in Toronto Limited intends to appear before the OMB on April 26th, 2017, with: "the objectives of the Estonian House to remain on the site and in the community in renewed and updated facilities." Please notice that even the correction listed on Eesti Elu says February 16, 2017.
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