Estonian Charitable Organizations in Canada - What Charity to Support?
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fan of AKEN20 Mar 2017 00:09
Though not a non-profit, my support goes to AKEN for all the good work they do in the community. They are gearing up for their giant Bazaar and sale, more info in recent article:
EF WTF?20 Mar 2017 08:41
Ehatare Foundation's over 3 mln is making 1.2% (chequing account?!) and nothing has been used for several years?! I thought Ehatare needs money, but apparently not!
A moral debt21 Mar 2017 09:17
Ehatare is not an old institution, but; the Ministry of Health regulations governing such institutions have swelled over the years to the point that it has become obsolete; beyond the possibility of updating by renovation.
A new facility is required and this will require a pile of money. What's more; we owe it to our old folks!
The residents in Ehatare funded the construction of our community organizations. Now, they're entitled to collect on that debt.
to moral debt21 Mar 2017 09:29
How are plans for the new Ehatare facility coming along? Any info would be appreciated. Too bad we are not building a new Ehatare side-by-side with a new Estonian House -- that would be awesome!
Sihtkapital's large overhead23 Mar 2017 18:55
Shocked that the Estonian Foundation of Canada(Sihtkapital) spent $175,208 on management and administration costs....Seems excessive. Sorry, but you just lost my financial support!
Accountant24 Mar 2017 06:37
Ask ESK for explanation. They pay the rent for Esto organizations that rent Esto house, which is not a qualified donee and so are restricted in how to show these expenditures. I suspect that this is where it is shown.....
Re: Sihtkapital30 Mar 2017 09:38
If you're so concerned about ESK's overhead, why don't you go to their next AGM and have it explained to you. Last I checked they're very transparent with their financials, and relay this to the public annually.
What’s the purpose?24 Mar 2017 14:04
Posting select information without context or explanation can lead to incorrect assumptions and conclusions. Such misconceptions can erode trust and support for these fine organizations. Already one commenter jumped to conclusions about Ehatare Foundation perhaps not understanding its strategy or links to the Estonian Relief Committee. Another commenter complained about Estonian Foundation expenses perhaps not realizing the Foundation employed two full time staff and managed a sizable real estate portfolio.
To deliver real value the author should contact each charity directly, ask questions, validate facts and then present a fair and accurate summary of each. The current article only creates uncertainty and prompts needless comments. As such it provides little benefit to anyone.
k24 Mar 2017 15:42
These charities should do a much better job engaging the community. Most are operating in the dark like semi-private clubs, without any public announcements. I for one had never heard of Ehatare Foundation before.
anuann27 Mar 2017 19:09
Yes, facts and figures should have been checked! For St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Toronto, a few of those Board Members have left years ago. No one is certain of how many are left, but we know 3 have left for sure. So wrong to give readers an impression that this is a well functioning institution!
To clarify27 Mar 2017 22:36
Of course some of the information will be dated because as the article notes clearly, the information is "Based on the latest 2015 data available from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)....". So it doesn't look like the intent is to misinform, but rather just to provide a perspective on where things are or were as of a particular date.
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