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emperor has no clothes24 Feb 2017 17:46

Does the head of EKN pretend to know better than the American citizens who dared to vote in someone HE disagrees with?

He seems to prefer Liberals to the Conservatives as well?

The audacity of those darn Americans!!!!

Canada spends less than 1.00 percent of it's GDP and the president of EKN feels righteous to call Donald Trump to order? What position does hr. Kola truly think he was voted for, the presidency of NATO, the EU or was it the UN?

How many Canadian Estonians know let alone care about Magnitsky ?He was employed by the grandson of the American Communist Party leader who tried to overtake GAZPROM the LARGEST natural gas company in Asia that supplies most of Europe. There is so much corruption in the old CCCP and lives were lost if you were on the wrong side. Too bad Bill Browder thought actual beat the Russian Oligarchs.

Unfortunately Browderer lost! His accountant / lawyer paid with his life. Now hr. Kola wants the CEEP and if course Estonians to rally blindly behind this cause. Why?

Browder voluntarily gave up his American citizenship? Why? (And why isn't this ever brought up by hr.Kolga).

IF you are as vigilant on the disinformation and propaganda as hr Kolga claims , why are you so greatly involved in disseminating the same?

Are you trying to spite the Americans to leave the Baltic, because THAT hr.Kolga is exactly what it looks like to me.

Please tell us why you should remain as the leader of EKN when you leave so many unanswered questions.
KO25 Feb 2017 07:15
This rage filled commentator has conveniently illustrated the points that the author was making. It's anger like this that will tear our community apart :-(
Karl Otsa27 Feb 2017 07:32
Dear Emperor,

I may not agree with Marcus Kolga on many things,but leading EKN must be a thankless job that I definitely do not want for myself. Do you?

I agree with some of your assertions regarding where his priorities lie. But then again who of us are truly 100% Estonian 100% of the time?
+25 Feb 2017 07:37
This anger has been ignored and belittled all over the world and this gave us Brexit, Trump and will probably give as Le Pen and maybe even EKRE.

The liberals just dont get it ...
endine kommunist26 Feb 2017 08:44
Liberals do not understand that they are themselves the reason for their anger
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