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until then, lets float away20 Feb 2017 07:12
The sõprade fund is to NOT be used by Eesti Maja board or Tuleviku group.. I don't want it to go to pay for high priced useless consultants. Until then, let the basement flood so that the Esto school kids are in the water in some classrooms...
community member21 Feb 2017 08:50
Dear EM board
The community needs a concrete date for a board-initiated community meeting when the new strategy will be presented. We have been waiting patiently since the end of last year. Soon it will be summer and another convenient time for the board to coast until the fall/winter. Your lack of information is hurting the moral and confidence of the community.

Don't be afraid to include more of the community in the brainstorming and planning process-- this will lead to members helping to shoulder the burden of the tough decision making and being more invested in the project.

The Estonian House Friends have been working out of love for the community in the vacuum (lack of info and seemingly lack of activity) you left and the EM Friends group did not deserve the public "dressing down" you gave them in the press. I know it hurt Friends members and it will cost good will in the community for the board. The Friends are working on your side -- it would make sense for you to work with them (and let the community know that you are doing so). You have some smart people on the board and even a board member who is on the EM Friend's committee. Please be more welcoming of grass-roots help.

Wishing you wisdom, nerves of steel, compassion and a spirit of inclusiveness towards the community members you serve.
ynot22 Feb 2017 18:43
So where is "the EKN" on this matter?

Doesn't the resolution of this issue concern the juhatus or is it more important to get press coverage for flitting around and demanding the American President do this and that, while sucking up to a PM that refuses to honour NATO's defense spending agreement?
:23 Feb 2017 07:36
EKN has nothing to do with EM. EKN's mandate is political representation of Canadian-Estonians. Although their agenda seems to be to do evertything
Oss23 Feb 2017 19:01
Personally I'm thankful for the tremendous positive activity that EKN has engaged in as well as the Friends of Eesti Maja. Sadly it sounds like EM board members and their families enjoy bulliying and bashing anyone who has a good idea that doesn't threaten theirs or their friends legacy building missions!
na23 Feb 2017 09:48
From EL 15.nov.2015 the following article DOES NOT refer to any political

EKN – Estonian Central Council in Canada Mission
a) Unite Canadian Estonians to pursue joint activities and goals:
a. To protect and preserve the Estonian Canadian community
b. To strengthen and ensure the endurance of the Estonian Republic and the rights and freedom of its people,
b) Represent Estonian Canadians and to protect their rights
c) To help coordinate the development and growth of Estonian ethnic culture and youth in conjunction with other organizations
d) Help support Estonian churches
e) In cooperation with other organizations, help Estonian Veterans, who have worked to restore independence and other difficulties faced by members of the Estonian Canadian community.
To fulfill these objectives the Estonian Central Council in Canada:
a) Maintains contact with Canadian Estonian organizations, Canadian and Estonian government and their agencies and ministries

The YNOT post only seems to suggest that EKN given it's mandate of above, get involved as a facilitator for dispute resolution.

IF the leaders of EKN do NOT find this to be within their area of interest, perhaps their "Mission statement" needs to be more clearly defined as their mission statement seems to be saying one thing but means another.

or does the following "Unite Canadian Estonians to pursue joint activities and goals: - To protect and preserve the Estonian Canadian community" not apply to preserving an Eesti Maja (in one form or another) that is so important in protecting AND preserving the Estonian Canadian community in the GTA?

Dispute resolution would/could mean that both parties concerned would sit down and hash out their difference under the watchful eyes of EKN.

I hope such a suggestion isn't beneath the leadership to undertake?
:23 Feb 2017 10:07
thanks for the link, I had no idea EKN has taken itself such a long, airy and pretentious mandate.

EKN can obviously declare any mission or mandate they like for themselves, it is entirely different story if anybody cares. I don't think any organization cares or wants EKN meddling in their affairs, EKN should stick with the Putin bashing. EKN has no relevance in current EM situation.

If you don't like what EM board is doing, the only alternative is to stand for election next AGM and fix this.
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