New opportunites for the Toronto Estonian House Café
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:24 Nov 2016 06:49
Sad to see her go, but if people don't spend money in there, it was inevitable.

Good luck to EM finding a new proprietor.
CD24 Nov 2016 15:03
And if she keeps catering and selling Pirukad there is 0.0 chance of the new proprietor having a chance to succeed. All the money is in the catering and special orders.

It is a smart decision on her behalf to get rid of the loss leader kohvik. Most of the people that sit in there don't really spend any money.

It's a shame really.
patrioot25 Nov 2016 11:39
It's a real shame that the Café failed to receive sufficient support from the people who hang out in the building. Ülle cut back her opening hours to contain personnel costs while trying to match the demand. The result was a downward spiral with this unfortunate result. I actually heard of instances where groups of people would meet there, but not buy anything. If you expect the service to be available, you have to support it.
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