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AnonyMous19 Oct 2016 09:35
I always heard QB referred to as the place for the "newly wed" and the "nearly dead"!

Guess the power fields are reason why these groups go there
Chingachgook20 Oct 2016 10:16
Bit of a whitebread response... The author's use of "force field" is definitele white new age wording. But First Nations people considered and still do Vancouver Island to be a very spiritual place. Nodes - again whitebread term - were strongest in places such as what the colonists named Uclulet, Qualicum Beach and I believe near present day Duncan. Now if you want a home for the "nearly dead" howsabout Salt Spring Island :-P ?
Hey Ching...20 Oct 2016 14:08
You calling people 'whitebreads'?
Maybe it time the Human Rights Commission deals with a racist like you.
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